Volleyball team loses in playoffs

This article submitted by Jenni Mayer on 11/1/00.

The Bulldog volleyball team had their last game of the season on Thursday, Oct. 26, against LPGE in Long Prairie. It was the first round of playoffs and the Bulldogs lost in three games.

The first game of the evening was a good one for the Bulldogs. They went out on the court looking for a win. They had some awesome rallies with the Thunder. They hit well and dug every ball to the best of their ability. The score was close all the way through the game. The final score turned out to be 15-13 with the Thunder pulling ahead in the last points of the game.

In the second game, the Bulldogs had a harder time hitting the ball to spots that the Thunder couldnŐt get them. They didnŐt stay low on their digs and had some trouble serving the ball. They got down on themselves and never came back with the momentum that they needed. The score of the second game was 15-2 in favor of the Thunder.

The third game was closer than the second. The Bulldogs knew what they had to do when they got on the court. They had to hit, dig, and serve the ball to make every point count. They did a good job of that in the third game but ended up being defeated by LPGE 15-11.

Paynesville--13 2 11
LPGE--15 15 15

Individual results
Hitting: Joy Hemmesch 13/16 -6A; Jenni Mayer 15/17 - 3A; Jenny Habben 10/12
Serving: Hemmesch 15/16 -1A; Mindy Meagher 9/10 -3A; Steph Krupke 11/11 -1A;
Blocks: Meagher 1A;
Assists: Krupke 9; Lisa Hemingson 6;
Digs: Hemmesch 16/21; Habben 23/30.

The Bulldogs ended their season with a 0-12 conference record and 1-17 overall record. Their banquet will be held at Hill Top Restaurant on Thursday, Nov. 2.

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