Volleyball team wins home meet during Homecoming week

This article submitted by Laura Mages & Courtney Karsch on 10/6/98.

On Thursday, Oct. 1, the Litchfield Dragons came to Paynesville. It was Homecoming Week for the Bulldogs and they were all fired up for this. Paynesville wanted to beat the Dragons and did in four games.

In the first game, the Bulldogs started with lots of communication and aggressiveness. The Bulldogs came out strong with a 15-8 win.

The Bulldogs wanted to take the Dragons out in three, but that is not what happened in the second match. The Dragons came out stronger and the Bulldogs werenít ready.

Even with the loss of the second game, the Paynesville fans were yelling and cheering for their team which helped the Bulldogs play some strong volleyball and win the last two matches to take the meet.

Paynesville: 15 11 15 15
Litchfield: 8 15 7 6

Sauk Centre
The Bulldogs played at Sauk Centre against the Mainstreeters on Tuesday, Sept. 29. They knew they were in for a good match. The Bulldogs were really excitied and ready to play some volleyball. They won the first two matches, but fell in the final three to lose 3-2.

The Bulldogs were aggressive and there was a lot of hitting throughout the game and because of that there were a lot of ace hits. Mages led the team in aces with 10. Not far behind were Janel Meyer and Tanya Lieser, each with eight.

Throughout the game, the team was also doing well with communication and keeping the team pumped up and wanting to win. With that in mind, the Lady Bulldogs took the first two games with scores of 17-15 and 15-12.

In the next three matches, the Mainstreeters came back more aggressive and stronger than the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs worked hard and wanted to win, but the Mainstreeters came out on top.

Paynesville : 17 15 8 4 3
Sauk Centre: 15 12 15 15 5

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