Bulldogs lose to 'big' Holdingford team

This article submitted by Jesse Spates on 10/29/96.

The Paynesville football team beat Big Lake on Bulldogs' turf in their first playoff game on Oct. 22.

The Bulldogs hoped for revenge after losing to Big Lake last year in the second round of the playoffs.

The Bulldogs didn't wait long to get revenge. They scored on their second play from scrimmage on a 39-yard touchdown pass to Darren Michaelis. Michaelis also scored the point after, bringing the score to 8-0. An interception by Michaelis halted the Hornets' drive. On their next drive they scored and tied the ball game at 8-8.

Brandon Wensmann came back for the Bulldogs, scoring on a two-yard run toward the end of the first quarter. This brought the score to 14-8; the point after was missed. This was just a start for Wensmann, who had a terrific night.

He set a new rushing record for the Bulldogs. Wensmann rushed for 264 yards and also scored four touchdowns. He led the team for the rest of the night with his running, behind some great blocks by the offensive linemen.

Wensmann had two touchdowns in the second quarter. They were both three- yard runs. One point after was made and the Bulldogs went into halftime with a score of 28-8.

The Hornets came out of halftime excited and were a different team during the third quarter. They scored on their two first possessions and closed the gap to five. The score was now 28-23.

The Bulldogs' offense sputtered on their first two drives. It looked dim for the rest of the night, but on their third drive, Brett Aagesen ran in a 59-yard touchdown and sparked the Bulldogs for the rest of the night. The Bulldogs put two more scores up in the fourth quarter, but the Hornets scored only once. The final score was 50-29.

Paynesville 14 14 8 14ń 50
Big Lake 8 0 15 6ń 29

Individual statistics
Rushing (att-yds-TDs):

Wensmann 20-264-4; Aagesen 13-86-1; Michaelis 12-63-0;
Receiving (rec-yds-TDs):
Michaelis 1-39-1; Mages 1-16-0;
Passing (comps-att-yds-TDs-ints):
Bruntlett 2-4-55-1-1;
Punting (att-yds-avg):
Mages 4-120-30;
Punt returns (att-yds-avg):
Kicking (att-yds-avg):
Mages 5-221-44;
Wensmann 1; Michaelis 1;
Aagesen 1.

Team statistics Pay Opp

Total yards 531 472
Scrimmage yards 458 386
Return yards 73 86
RushesńYards 50-403 44-194
Avg/carry 8.1 4.4
CompletionsńAttempts 2-4 14-29
Passing yards 55 192
Avg/attempt 13.8 6.6
Total first downs 9 15
PuntsńAvg yards 4-30.0 4-36.5
ReturnsńAvg yards 0-0 4-10
KickoffsńAvg yards 8-35.5 5-24.6
ReturnsńAvg yards 2-23.5 6-12.6
PenaltiesńYards 5-56 10-71
FumblesńLost 1-1 1-1
Passes intercepted 1 2


The Bulldogs traveled to their last football game last Saturday night, Oct. 26. The Bulldogs started off strong, but Holdingford proved to be too big for the Bulldogs.

Holdingford chose to receive the ball first and drove the ball down to the Bulldogs' 25-yard line, but were stopped there. On the Bulldogs' first drive Paynesville was stopped. They had another chance when Jim Mages was roughed while he punted the ball. On the next play Paynesville scored on Brandon Wensmann's 49-yard touchdown run. Darren Michaelis added the point after and the Bulldogs pulled ahead 8-0. This was their only lead of the night. Holdingford dominated the rest of the night.

Holdingford came back with their own score and tied the game. They also went on to score 24 more points in the second quarter and took a 32-8 lead into the half.

Holdingford came out strong again in the third quarter, preventing the Bulldogs from scoring. The Huskers scored 13 points for themselves. The Bulldogs added one touchdown in the fourth quarter, but this was obviously not enough. Holdingford won by a score of 45-16.

Paynesville 8 0 0 8ń 16
Holdingford 13 24 13 0ń 45

Individual statistics
Rushing (att-yds-TDs):

Wensmann 22-101-1; Michaelis 9-29-0; Aagesen 11-56; Elmhorst 5-23-1;
Receiving (rec-yds-TDs):
Mages 1-17-0; Dombrovski 1-29-1;
Passing (comps-att-yds-TDs-ints):
Bruntlett 1-10-17-0-1; Mages 1-1-29-1-0;
Punting (att-yds-avg):
Mages 4-126-31.5;
Punt returns (att-yds-avg):
Elmhorst 1-1-1;
Kicking (att-yds-avg):
Mages 3-184-49.3;
Aagesen 1; Jacobson 1.

Team statistics Pay Opp

Total yards 364 516
Scrimmage yards 257 451
Return yards 107 65
RushesńYards 55-213 39-328
Avg/carry 4 8
CompletionsńAttempts 3-14 8-13
Passing yards 44 123
Avg/attempt 3.1 12.7
Total first downs 12 13
PuntsńAvg yards 4-31.5 3-26.0
ReturnsńAvg yards 2- -3 2-12.0
KickoffsńAvg yards 3-49.3 6-49.3
ReturnsńAvg yards 4-27.1 3-8.4
PenaltiesńYards 2-10 8-68
FunblesńLost 1-1 2-2
Passes intercepted 2 0

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