Men's Golf League winners

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/1/96.

There were 119 men competing in the Koronis Hills Menís League this year. Four teams made the playoffs. Team champion this year was Koronis Tire. Team members are Steve Fuchs, Jack Binsfeld, Ron Fuchs, Ross Amundson, Jeff Thompson and Mel Anderson.

Runner-up: Neuís H2O: Walt Dilley, Wes Nehring, Jerry Hunt, Jim Aulick, Al Neu, Bob Lieser and Roman Wolters. They were also the wild card winners.

First Division winners: Jacklitch Chiropractic: Murry Rafferty, Dave Barg, Jim Gulbranson, Ron Iverson, Curt Sorensen, Randy Jacklitch and Jim Summers.

Third Division winners: Laubachís: Lane Laubach, Jerry Linn, Shawn Evans, Ron Laubach, Mike Jensen and Jim Jimenez.

Championship flight winners: Murry Rafferty, Don Johnson and Gordy Pederson.

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