Volleyball team ends conference season with two wins

This article submitted by Laura Mages & Courtney Karsch on 10/27/98.

On Oct. 23, the Bulldogs met up with the Albany Huskies at home. The Bulldogs were waiting and waiting to play them a second time. They were ready to show the Huskies how the Bulldogs can really play with their heart and show dignity at the same time. The Bulldogs were riled up and ready to play some hard volleyball. Before the game started, the seniors were honored for their hard working effort this past year. Thanks to all the seniors, Laura Mages, Janel Meyer, Jennifer Moser, Mackenzie Merrill, and Gina Benson.

The Bulldogs went out on the court with high hopes and spirits. The Bulldogs lost the first match with a score of 15-10. But that game didnít stop the Bulldogs. As the evening went on, the Bulldogs were showing the Huskies who was boss.

Leading the team with their great skills and effort were Steph Krupke and Tanya Lieser. Krupke recorded 34 assists. She did it again with her outstanding setting that night. Lieser dominated the hitting department with 34-38 hits and 10 aces. Not far behind was Laura Mages with 27-29 hits and nine aces and Janel Meyer with 17-25 hits and seven aces.

As the evening went on, the Bulldogs were having fun and showed Albany who was boss. The Bulldogs did a great job in playing. They were communi-cating well and and all the girls displayed a positive attitude.

Paynesville : 10 15 15 15
Albany: 15 5 5 6

On Oct. 20 the Paynesville Bulldogs traveled to St. Cloud to compete in a competitive game against St. Cloud Cathedral.

As the evening went on, the Bulldogs were playing their hardest and kept the competition high. With two wins on the scoreboard, the Bulldogs were at battle with the warriors for their first five match game and hopefully a win. The first match was a difficult one but the Bulldogs hung in there until the game was over. With sad looks on the senior faces, the Bulldogs had to go home with a loss. But they went home with their heads hanging high and proud.

Leading the team in hits against Cathedral was Laura Mages with 51 out of 52 hits with 12 aces. Close behind was Tanya Lieser with 44 out of 53 hits and nine aces. Steph Krupke did very well on setting. She made her goal this year by having more than 30 assists and delivered 31 that night. Way to go Steph!!!

Paynesville: 10 15 14 15 14
Cathedral: 15 10 16 10 16

On Thursday, Oct. 26, Paynesville will host Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa in the first round of Sub-Section action at 7 p.m.

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