Netters end regular season play

This article submitted by Jenni Mayer on 10/25/00.

The Bulldog volleyball team had a game against Litchfield on Tuesday, Oct. 17. They played hard, but lost to the Dragons in five games.

In the first game, the Bulldogs took control of the ball and made some awesome plays. They were excited on the court and got even more excited with every point they gained. The Bulldogs hit the ball hard and dug every hit they could to win the first game 15-6.

The second game was a little bit different. The Bulldogs didn't get as excited, but still made some great plays. Their hits weren't quite as hard but they still placed them well. The Dragons beat the Bulldogs 15-8 in the second game.

The Bulldogs really wanted a win against Litchfield so they came back on the court in the third game and played from their hearts. They played every ball like it was the last point of the game. The Dragons didn't do well. They didn't dig as many of the Bulldog's balls and didn't hit well against the tall blocks of the Paynesville volleyball team. The Bulldogs won the third game 15-10.

Litchfield was ready to take revenge on the Bulldogs in the fourth game. They came out hitting hard and throwing some junk plays in, too. That sort of confused Paynesville and the Dragons scored against the Bulldogs more than the Bulldogs scored on them. Litchfield took the fourth game 15-6.

In the last game of the night, both teams knew what they wanted. They both wanted to win the last game to have a winning match. The Bulldogs and the Dragons came on the court ready for a win. Paynesville missed some critical serves which gave the ball back to Litchfield to give them some points. The Bulldogs were defeated in the fifth game 15-7.

Paynesville--15 8 15 6 7
Litchfield--6 15 10 15 15

Individual results
Hitting: Jenni Mayer 20/27 -7A; Joy Hemmesch 21/23 -7A; Jenny Habben 26/31
Serving: Heidi Jansen 17/20 -4A; Hemmesch 10/10 -2A;
Blocks: Hemmesch 15/17 -3A; Ashley Wall 10/13 -1A;
Assists: Steph Krupke 14; Lisa Hemingson 10;
Digs: Habben 23/25; Hemmesch 23/30.

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