Football team heads into playoffs

This article submitted by Jesse Spates on 10/22/96.

The Paynesville football team traveled to St. Cloud for their last regular season game. The game was played at St. Cloud Techís field but the Bulldogs played St. Cloud Cathedral.

The Crusaders put the first score of the game up when they completed a 59-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. On their next drive they added another score to pull ahead 12-0. This was it for them, as the Bulldogs scored the rest of the points.

The Bulldogs were held scoreless in the first quarter partly because fumbles halted their drives twice. In the second quarter, the Bulldogs did score on a Jim Mages punt which was fumbled and then recovered by Brett Aagesen in the end zone. The Bulldogs made the two point conversion, bringing the score to 12-8. The Bulldogs failed to move the ball on offense because they continued to fumble the ball. The Bulldogs offense went into halftime with only three first downs.

Coach Virg Vagle fired Paynesville up during his halftime speech and motivated them to win the game. The Bulldogs did win in the fourth quarter on a 55-yard touchdown run by Darren Michaelis. The Bulldogs missed the extra point, but still held onto the lead. They prevented a Crusaders touchdown when Michaelis intercepted the ball.

The Bulldogs played against Big Lake on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Stats from that game will be in next weekís Press.

Paynesville 0 8 0 6ń 14
Cathedral 12 0 0 0ń 12

Individual statistics
Rushing (att-yds-TDs):

Wensmann 19-110-0; Michaelis 17-97-1;
Receiving (rec-yds-TDs):
Mages 1-17-0;
Passing (comps-att-yds-TDs-ints):
Bruntlett 1-5-17-0-0;
Punting (att-yds-avg):
Mages 4-172-43;
Punt returns (att-yds-avg):
Wensmann 1-9-9;
Kicking (att-yds-avg):
Mages 3-146-49;
Michaelis 1;
Mages 2; Hiltner 2; Aagesen 1.

Paynesville team stats
Total yards, 287
Scrimmage yards, 235
Return yards, 52
RushesńYards, 48-218
Avg/carry, 4.5
CompletionsńAttempts, 1-5
Passing yards, 17
Avg/attempt, 3.2
Total first downs, 8
PuntsńAvg yards, 4-43.0
ReturnsńAvg yards, 2-4.5
KickoffsńAvg yards, 3-49
ReturnsńAvg yards, 3-11
PenaltiesńYards, 4-30
FunblesńLost, 10-5
Passes intercepted, 0.

Cathedral team stats
Total yards 318
Scrimmage yards 285
Return yards 33
RushesńYards 41-119
Avg/carry 2.9
CompletionsńAttempts 14-26
Passing yards 166
Avg/attempt 6.4
Total first downs 12
PuntsńAvg yards 4-15.5
ReturnsńAvg yards 2-4.0
KickoffsńAvg yards 3-42.8
ReturnsńAvg yards 2-12.0
PenaltiesńYards 3-15
FunblesńLost 2-2
Passes intercepted 1

Standings:conference /overall

Albany, 6-0, 8-0
Litchfield, 4-2, 6-2
Melrose, 4-2, 5-3
Paynesville, 3-3, 4-4
Sauk Centre, 2-4, 2-6
LPGE, 1-5, 3-5
Cathedral, 1-5, 1-7

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