Voss scores five touchdowns, leads team to win

This article submitted by Zac Spates on 10/20/98.

The Bulldogs traveled to St. Cloud to take on St. Cloud Cathedral on Wednesday, Oct. 14. With Paynesville in a losing streak the last five games, the Bulldogs were ready to take on a team equal in size. Paynesville came out on top 32-6.

As Paynesville was getting ready to start the game, the officials had to delay the game 15 minutes because of the bad weather that was upon the stadium.

When the weather subsided, Paynesville received the ball on the opening kickoff. With Josh Jones and Jeff Voss back to receive the ball, Paynesville was ready to go. As the Bulldogs set up for the return, a Paynesville lineman got the line driven ball in the knee and it bounced back towards Cathedral. Cathedral recovered the ball, but that and the penalty on the first play against Paynesville, made Paynesville even more fired up for revenge.

As Paynesville and Cathedral battled for possession in the first quarter, one of the running backs for Paynesville, Ben Bork, suffered an injury. With the dislocated finger, Bork had to sit out for the Bulldogs while sophomore Chris Rohe went in for him. Voss, the other halfback for Paynesville knew he had to step up to make up for the loss.

While the Bulldogs seemed to be marching the ball down the field, they failed to score in the first quarter. Paynesvilleís defense held Cathedral well in the first quarter. Paynesvilleís Josh Jones caught an interception to start Cathedralís several turnovers.

As the second quarter started with Paynesville still in control of the ball, Voss stepped up in position. After a few short runs for a first down, Paynesvilleís quarterback, Josh Roemeling, threw a short pass to Voss which ended up in a 64-yard touchdown. With this being Roemelingís first game back since Melrose, Paynesville was already benefiting from his return. Paynesville attempted a two-point conversion after the score, but failed to reach the end zone.

The Bulldogs then kicked the ball to Cathedral, and their dominating defense was ready to play. The defense stopped Cathedral in three plays and forced them to punt the ball back to the Bulldogs. As Paynesville started their drive, Voss ran a 70-yard touchdown on their second play of the drive scoring his second touchdown of the night.

With Voss already over 100 yards, he scored again later in the quarter, after a 24-yard pass from Roemeling to Jones to set him up in position. This was Vossí third touchdown of the night. This quarter started the Paynesville steamroller, which Cathedral could not stop.

In the third quarter, Paynesville and Cathedral kept battling for position, which neither team could seem to get. Voss and Karl Sanborn, the Bulldogs fullback, were the two rushers in this quarter. Sanborn had a 17-yard run, while Voss had eight and 10 yard runs. Both teams were scoreless in the quarter with Paynesville still in the lead 18-0.

In the opening of the fourth quarter, Cathedral punted to the Bulldogs in the first play. What happened next shocked everyone in the whole stadium. Voss, running the ball again, ran the ball 72 yards in the first play to score for the fourth time in the game. Voss, already netting about 200 yards rushing, was having an excellent game.

Paynesville then kicked the ball to Cathedral. On the kickoff, Dustin Looman kicked the ball 54 yards to one of the Cathedral running backs. The rest of the Bulldogs on kick off, went down to tackle the receiver. As a team, the Bulldogs smacked the receiver. He fumbled the ball while one of the Bulldogs came up with the ball for Paynesville. Voss then took the ball in for his fifth touchdown of the night.

Paynesville dominated the rest of the game, including Tyler Wuertzís safety, Ben Borkís interception, and Chris Wendlandtís fumble recovery.

While Paynesville had their junior varsity in the last half of the quarter, Cathedralís varsity, still in, only managed to score one touchdown.

Paynesville ended the game victorious with the score ending up at 32-6. Voss, obviously the headliner of the game, recorded 306 total yards and five touchdowns.

Voss was only one yard away from tying Brandon Wensmannís school record for total yards in a game, 307, set in 1996.

Paynesville: 0 18 0 14- 32
Cathedral: 0 0 0 8- 8

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