Three conference foes defeat Lady Bulldogs

This article submitted by Jenni Mayer on 10/18/00.

The Bulldogs played three games this past week. Their first game was on Monday, Oct. 9 against LPGE. The Bulldogs lost the match in five games.

In the first game the Bulldogs were doing pretty good. They were fighting to keep the ball and make points. They didn't make enough points to outscore the Thunder, though.

Katrina Orbeck goes up high to block a shot against Albany.

The second game wasn't as good as the first. The Bulldogs were a little down from losing the first game and didn't play as well as they could have. They made serving errors and mental mistakes. They lost the second game.

In the third game the Bulldogs knew what they had to do. They took control of the ball and hit hard at LPGE. The girls got excited on their good plays which brought the momentum of the team up. The Bulldogs won the third game of the match.

The fourth game was also good for the Bulldogs. They were still up from the third game and used that energy to their advantage. They made less serving errors and less mistakes as a whole because they were all excited. They beat the Thunder in the fourth game.

The fifth game was the deciding game of the night. The Bulldogs wanted to win but they just didn't do it. They made some critical serving mistakes and that brought them down. They didn't play as well and consequently lost the fifth game.

Paynesville--4 10 15 15 7
LPGE--15 15 9 8 15

Individual results
Hitting: Heidi Jansen 26/28 -5A; Jenny Habben 18/23 -3A; Ashley Wall 16/17
Serving: Lisa Hemingson 12/12 -2A; Wall 10/11 -1A; Jansen 23/25 -4A;
Blocks: Mindy Meagher 3A; Joy Hemmesch 2A; Jansen 2A;
Assists: Krupke 5; Hemingson 5;
Digs: Habben 31/36; Jansen 27/40.

Melrose 3
Paynesville 0

The Bulldogs lost to Melrose in three games at home on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

In the first game the Bulldogs played hard and tried to dig every ball they could. They had some trouble but played very well for the most part. They lost the first game 15-8.

The second game was worse for the Bulldogs. They made a lot of mental mistakes which hurt them and lost control of the ball due to many serving errors. The Bulldogs got down on themselves which gave the Dutchmen the opportunity to make a run, which they did. The Bulldogs were defeated in the second game 15-1.

The third game was much better for the Bulldogs. They picked themselves up during the break between games and went out on the floor and played volleyball. They played every ball like it was the last point of the game. The Bulldogs talked on the court and got excited when they made a good play. They were defeated in the last game 15-12.

Melrose--15 15 15
Paynesville--8 1 12

Individual results
Hitting: Jansen 16/18 -4A; Meagher 8/8 -6A;
Serving: Hemmesch 9/10 -1A; Jansen 9/12 -3A;
Blocks: Jenni Mayer 4/4 -1A; Hemmesch 3/4 -1A;
Assists: Krupke 9; Hemingson 3;
Digs: Habben 30/36; Hemmesch 22/27.

Albany 3
Paynesville 0

The Bulldogs played Albany at home on Thursday, Oct. 12. Paynesville lost in three games to the Huskies.

In the first game of the night the Bulldogs took the floor pumped up and ready to play. They kept that attitude for most of the game until they started to make mistakes. Then they got down on themselves and didn't play as hard anymore. They lost the first game 15-7.

The second game was much better to the Bulldogs. They had some very nice rallies against the Huskies. The Bulldogs got excited when they won the rallies and then stayed excited for the whole game. The second game was a great time for the Bulldogs. They played hard and almost won. Paynesville was defeated 16-14.

The third game was the worst one of the night for the Bulldogs. The Huskies ran on them from the beginning of the game and the Bulldogs just never came back to outscore them. The Bulldogs lost the third game 15-3.

Paynesville--7 14 3
Albany--15 16 15

Individual results
Hitting: Hemmesch 14/15 -5A; Jansen 12/15 -2A; Meagher 10/12 -3A;
Serving: Krupke 9/11 -2A; Habben 11/13 -3A;
Blocks: Hemmesch 10/10 -1A; Meagher 9/9 -4A;
Assists: Krupke 7; Hemingson 6;
Digs: Jansen 17/19; Habben 16/19.

The Bulldogs played at Litchfield on Tuesday night. Playoffs start Thursday, Oct. 26.

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