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Paynesville Press - October 17, 2001

Special Olympics bowling held

The bowling competition for Special Olympics was held on Saturday, Oct. 13, in St. Cloud. Eleven athletes from Paynesville participated in the competition.

Bowling from the elementary school were Crystal Rudy, Michael Powers, Missy Everson, and Mark Gibbs. Danny Schutz, Dallas Richardson, Michael Naujokas, Matt Bayer, Yvette Lounsbury, Erica Wander, and Dustin Rudy competed from the high school.

Athletes are divided according to age and skill levels. Each athlete bowled two games as part of the singles competition. Naujokas received a sixth-place ribbon. Richardson earned a fourth-place ribbon.

Schutz, Bayer, Wander, and Gibbs received third-place ribbons, and Lounsbury, Dustin Rudy, and Everson took second place in their divisions. Powers and Crystal Rudy took first place.

Congratulations to all the athletes on a great competition, said Jane Hjelle, the local coordinator.

Four athletes will be going on to state competition: Danny Schutz, Dallas Richardson, Erica Wander, and Yvette Lounsbury. The state competition will be held in South St. Paul on Saturday, Nov. 10.

Special Olympics is a volunteer organization. For more information on the local program, contact Hjelle at Paynesville Area Elemen-tary School.

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