Volleyball team defeats Melrose

This article submitted by Laura Mages on 10/14/97.

On Thursday, Oct. 9, the Melrose Dutchmen faced the Paynesville Bulldogs with the Bulldogs coming out on top 3-1

The night started out with parents dressing up as Hillbilly's or cowboys since the students had the a day off. So the parents of the varsity players dressed up to surprise their daughters. After introducing the volleyball players and parents, the games started.

The team has made many improvements since their first performance against the Thunder. Good communication and a positive attitude throughout the games were the main things in this win.

In the first game the Dutchmen and Bulldogs were pretty well challenged by having a close score. The Bulldogs stayed in their to win with a score of 16-14.

The second game things didnít click as well as the first game and the team lost with a score of 8-15. But the Bulldogs came back with two more wins. The Bulldogs won the third and fourth game with scores of 15-13 and 15-11. The Bulldogs were led by Tanya Lieser 41 of 42 hits with 13 kills and Janel Meyer serving 29 of 29 with six aces.

Paynesville 16 8 15 15
Melrose 14 15 13 11

Individual stats:
Mages, 13-15-5A; Kohnen, 3-4; Hubert, 0-1; Meyer, 15-16-4A; Roberg, 1-1; Benson, 0-1; Hemmesch, 17-18-3A; T. Lieser, 41-42-13A; K. Lieser, 5-8-2A; Merrill, 1-2; Spanier, 2-3; Mueller, 8-8.
Tipping: Mages, 2-2-1A; Meyer, 3-4; Hemmesch, 3-3; T. Lieser, 15-16 2A; K. Lieser, 1-1; Merrill, 5-5; Spanier, 2-3; Mueller, 2-2.
Assists: Mages,1; Meyer,
1; Roberg, 1; T. Lieser, 3; Spanier, 1.
Blocks: T. Lieser, 3A; Spanier 1.
Digging: Mages, 13-20; Kohnen, 3-4; Meyer, 24-30; Roberg, 4-5; Benson, 0-1; Hemmesch, 32-36; T. Lieser, 21-25; K. Lieser, 7-9; Merrill, 6-10; Spanier, 17-21; Mueller, 9-13.
Serving: Mages, 7-8; Meyer, 29-29; Kohnen, 1-1; Hemmesch, 11-11; T. Lieser, 8-10; K. Lieser, 5-5; Merrill, 13-15; Spanier, 14-16; Mueller, 9-9.

LPGE 3, Paynesville 0
On Tuesday, Oct. 7, the Bulldogs faced the Long Prairie Thunder in front of a home crowd.

The Paynesville Bulldogs had a rough night, losing all three games. The Bulldogs were trying to pull it together with Tanya Lieser hitting the ball with eight kills and Carrie Hemmesch helping out by serving 11 out of 12 with 1 ace.

Paynesville 1 9 11
LPGE 15 15 15

Individual stats
Mages,7-7-1A; Kohnen, 3-3; Meyer, 16-20-1A; Hemmesch, 11-15-2A; Lieser, 25-26-8A; Merrill, 1-1; Mueller, 7-9-1A;
Tipping: Meyer, 2-2; T. Lieser, 4-5-1A; K. Lieser, 0-1; Mueller, 3-4;>Assists: Mages, 1; T. Lieser, 2; Merrill, 4; Mueller, 7;
Blocks: Meyer, 1; K. Lieser, 1;
Digging: Mages, 8-12; Kohnen, 0-2; Meyer, 7-9; Roberg, 1-2; Hemmesch, 16-19; T. Lieser, 14-21; K. Lieser, 11-11; Merrill, 10-14; Spanier, 2-2; Mueller, 8-8;
Serving: Mages, 4-5l; Meyer, 6-6; Hemmesch, 11-12-1A; T. Lieser, 6-7; K. Lieser, 6-7-2A; Merrill, 7-9-1A; Spanier, 2-2; Mueller, 6-7.

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