Netters lose to two conference opponents

This article submitted by Jenni Mayer on 10/04/00.

The Bulldogs took on St. Cloud Cathedral on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at home. Paynesville was defeated in three games.

In the first game the Bulldogs were playing tough and had some very good hits. They lost a lot of points on serving errors, though. They dug the ball and made some awesome plays. Cathedral snuck by them 15-8.

Katie Wright, Ashley Wall, Lisa Hemingson, and Jenny Habben celebrate a point won.

The second game wasn't nearly as good. The Bulldogs were down from their loss and never came back up. They made a lot of mental mistakes and Cathedral took those and made them into points for their team. The Bulldogs lost the second game 15-5.

The Bulldogs came back up in the third game hoping for a win. They took control on the court and used the ball to their advantage. They didn't want to lose the match. Cathedral came back with some hard hits and tricky plays. They beat the Bulldogs 15-9 in the last game of the night.

Paynesville--8 5 9
Cathedral--15 15 15

Individual results
Individual results Hitting: Mindy Meagher 20/23 -5A; Heidi Jansen 8/8 -1A;
Serving: Meagher 11/12 -1A; Jansen 8/10;
Blocks: Joy Hemmesch 8/9 -2A; Meagher 8/9 -1A;
Assists: Steph Krupke 8; Lisa Hemingson 5;
Digs: Meagher 17/20; Hemingson 13/13.

Paynesville 0
The Bulldogs played their homecoming game against LPGE on Thursday, Oct. 5. Paynesville was again defeated in three games.

The first game was the best for the Bulldogs. They were ready to take the floor and get a win. LPGE is a good digging team and dug almost all of the Bulldogs' hits. The Bulldogs had good hits, they just didn't put them in the open spots. The Thunder beat the Bulldogs 15-10 in the first game.

The second game was also a hard hitting game for the Bulldogs. They had some great digs and serves but didn't get excited on their good plays. They needed to pick themselves up a little bit and they never did. The Bulldogs were defeated 15-8.

The third and final game was a good one for the Bulldogs. They hit the floor to dig the Thunder's hits but when they hit back LPGE did the same. The Bulldogs' serves were good, but they missed a few critical ones and the Thunder took those for their points. The Bulldogs lost the last game 15-8.

Paynesville--10 8 8
LPGE--15 15 15

Individual results
Individual results Hitting: Jen Mayer 12/12-2A; Hemmesch 16/19-2A; Ashley Wall 13/17-4A;
Serving: Steph Krupke 9/9; Hemmesch 15/16-2A;
Blocks: Hemmesch 14/15-1A; Katie Wright 9/10-3A;
Assists: Krupke 4; Hemingson 5;
Digs: Hemmesch 21/24; Jansen 21/27.

The Bulldogs played at Long Prairie/Grey Eagle on Monday and Melrose at home on Tuesday. They will play Albany at home on Thursday night. They hope to see lots of fans in the stands to cheer them on.

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