Boys post their sixth win

This article submitted by Ryan Flanders on 10/11/00.

Last Tuesday's Sauk Centre Invitational greeted the Paynesville runners with wind and cold rain. But the bleak, gray picture that the weather painted seemed to have little effect on the morale of the Bulldogs. With the shot of the starting gun, things suddenly seemed bright and sunny as the Dogs charged to the front of the field, earning six medals for individual performances and taking the meet by 38 points. Tuesday's victory marks the team's sixth title this season, putting their overall record at 93-1.

Seniors Clayton Lang and Adam Utsch finished third and fourth respectively at Sauk Centre.

Clayton Lang's third place finish added to the team's overpowering victory. "I had an off day, but I'm coming right back next week," commented Clayton, who is currently ranked as the state's number three Class A runner.

Adam Utsch kept his sights set forward throughout the race and helped his team to a victory with his fourth place finish. He spanned the course in 17:08.

The next field of runners to enter the chute was a vicious pack of Dogs. "There was nobody else around, so we made our own dog pack," said Eric Korman.

At the head of this perpetual speed machine was Dan Pearson, who clocked in at 17:25. Eric Korman finished a couple steps later in 17:27, and Jesse Rien was next in 17:31. The pack placed seventh, eighth, and ninth respectively, to put all of Paynesville's scoring runners inside the top ten.

Ryan Flanders finished in 13th place to give the Bulldogs six medals. Seconds later Travis Flanders crossed the line in 23rd.

This year's deep team has shown unwavering improvement race after race, which was illustrated once again at Sauk Centre. The team is geared toward continued improvement and has been training hard.

The next meet for the Bulldogs is the West Central Conference meet which will be held this Thursday, Oct. 12, at St. Cloud.

Team standings
1. Paynesville -31
2. Wadena-Deer Creek -69
3. New London-Spicer -81
4. St. Cloud Apollo -102
5. Long Praire-Grey Eagle -113
6. Sauk Centre -132
7. Staples-Motley -161
Royalton -Inc.
Minnewaska -Inc.
Individual results
3. Clayton Lang -16:55
4. Adam Utsch -17:08
7. Dan Pearson -17:25
8. Eric Korman -17:27
9. Jesse Rien -17:31
13. Ryan Flanders -17:46
23. Travis Flanders -18:17

Junior varsity results
1. Scott Thompson -18:06
3. Riley Flanders -18:49
5. Tom Flannigan -18:56
9. Fred Stock -19:23
18. Jason Wendroth -20:11
45. Andrew Jones -22:23

Junior high results
2. Matt Mehr -11:58
32. Chris Utsch -11:54

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