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Paynesville Press - September 27, 2006

Netters fall in five sets to Minnewaska

By Michael Jacobson

The Bulldogs volleyball team played their best match of the season, nearly earning their first victory before falling to Minnewaska in five sets on Thursday.

The Dogs pushed the Lakers to five sets but lost the final set 17-15. The Dogs served two match points (at 14-13 and at 15-14) in the decisive set, but the Lakers were able to score sideouts both times. After the second sideout, with the score tied 15-15, Minnewaska served two straight points to win 17-15.

vball laura "This was our best played match of the season," said coach Dawn Knoll. "We played well as a team and put ourselves in a position that we had the opportunity to win the match. Our serving errors were the difference in the match. On two separate occasions, we served the ball out of bounds on game point and gave Minnewaska the chance to score. Rally point scoring makes the team accountable every time the ball gets put into play because someone will get a point."

Junior Laura Schaefer led the Bulldogs with 28 kills in their two matches last week, including a team-high 18 kills in their five-set loss to Minnewaska.

The Dogs lost three sets to the Lakers in extra points. The Lakers won the first set 26-24, the third set 26-24, and the fifth set 17-15. The Dogs won the second set 25-17 and the fourth set 25-21. For the match, the Dogs outscored the Lakers, winning 113 points to the Lakers' 107 points.

Minnewaska held a 24-19 lead in the first set before the Dogs scored a sideout and got four straight serves from senior Chelsey Kalkbrenner to tie the game 24-24. Junior Laura Schaefer had a kill and combined with sophomore Anna Kotten for a block during the run, and the Dogs also got a block from senior Amanda Lieser.

Minnewaska, though, scored a sideout on a big hit to take a 25-24 lead and scored another point when a tip hit the line, winning 26-24.

The Dogs took control of the second set as Lieser served five straight points, turning a 14-11 lead into a 19-11 advantage and winning 25-17.

In the third set, the Dogs rallied to tie the Lakers again at 24-24, but the Lakers then scored a sideout and a point on serve to win 26-24.

In the fourth set, the Dogs trailed 21-17 before rallying for victory, scoring the final eight points of the game. Kalkbrenner scored a sideout with a block to start the string, and senior Kristin Lang then served seven straight points as the Dogs won the game 25-21. Schaefer scored three kills during this run.

"We need to take this match and build upon it," said Knoll. "There were many things we did wellŠ passing, defensive coverage, attacking, and blocking were all strong suits tonight. Several girls stepped up their games for tonight's effort. We need to be confident that we can play to win."

Schaefer led the Dogs with 18 kills. Kalkbrenner and Lang each added 12, while Kotten had 11.

Junior Kayla Lieser led the Dogs with 35 digs, while junior Chelsey Hansen had 21 ace set assists.

The Dogs (0-10) played at Albany on Monday and hosted St. Cloud Cathedral on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the Dogs will travel to Melrose. Next week, they will host Albany on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Minnewaska--26 17 26 21 17
Paynesville--24 25 24 25 15

Individual Statistics
Hitting: Laura Schaefer 36/43 - 18A; Anna Kotten 30/34 - 11A; Kristin Lang 24/26 - 12A; Chelsey Kalkbrenner 22/30 - 12A; Amanda Lieser 10/13 - 3A; Team 122/147 - 56A;
Serving: Lang 29/31 - 2A; Kayla Lieser 17/17 - 2A; Ashley Ogdahl 12/13 - 2A; Chelsey Hansen 12/13; Amanda Lieser 11/14; Randi Schaefer 10/11; Kalk-brenner 7/9 - 1A; Team 108/119 - 7A; Assists: Chelsey Hansen 104/110 - 21A; Team 104/110 - 21A;
Digs: Kayla Lieser 35; Amanda Lieser 14; Laura Schaefer 14; Kalkbrenner 10; Team 107.

LPGE 3, Paynesville 1
The Dogs lost in four sets in a conference match at Long Prairie on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

The Dogs won the first set 26-24 against Long Prairie-Grey Eagle, but the Thunder won the next three sets 25-22, 25-22, and 25-18.

"This match was a tough match for both teams," said coach Dawn Knoll. "Consistency is the key to pulling out close matches, and the Thunder were a bit more consistent this evening. The Bulldogs fought hard throughout the match but struggled to gain long strings of points. As the match progressed, the hard play resulted in some minor injuries to the Bulldog players as we went for the ball."

"This was a fight for every game of the match," continued Knoll, "and our team just needed to put the ball to the floor more often than we did."

Paynesville--26 22 22 18 15
LPGE--24 25 25 25 15

Individual Statistics
Hitting: Laura Schaefer 32/35 - 10A; Kristin Lang 28/32 - 10A; Chelsey Kalkbrenner 25/32 - 10A; Amanda Lieser 13/18 - 2A; Kate Olson 8/11 - 3A; Team 111/136 - 37A;
Serving: Schaefer 19/22 - 3A; Lang 17/18 - 1A; Kayla Lieser 15/16 - 1A; Chelsey Hansen 14/15 - 1A; Amanda Lieser 12/12; Team 86/92 - 6A;
Blocks: Kalkbrenner 2; Lang 2; Amanda Lieser 1; Olson 1; Schaefer 1;
Assists: Hansen 110/113 - 25A; Team 110/113 - 25A;
Digs: Kayla Lieser 27; Laura Schaefer 26; Hansen 24; Amanda Lieser 22; Randi Schaefer 15; Olson 10; Team 140.

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