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Paynesville Press - September 22, 2004

Netters beat Albany for first time since 1999

By Michael Jacobson

The Bulldogs volleyball team beat Albany in four sets on Thursday, defeating the Huskies for the first time in five years.

The Bulldogs last beat Albany - which won the Dogs' subsection and qualified for state last year - in five sets in September 1999. Last year, the Huskies beat the Dogs in straight sets both times.

vball cheer Since their victory five years ago, Paynesville had won only three sets against Albany in losing nine straight matches to the Huskies.

The Dogs beat the Huskies 25-23 in a close first set, lost the second set 25-20, and won the third set 25-21 to lead 2-1.

Senior Kendra Johnson, junior Shonda Martinson, and senior Kayla Mackedanz celebrated going 5-1 last week.

In the fourth set, junior Amanda Skalicky came off the bench and served eight straight points as the Dogs took the lead and then Skalicky served the final two points as the Dogs won 25-23, winning the match 3-1. For the game, Skalicky was 10/10 serving with five aces.

The Dogs played well in all facets of their game in beating Albany, a preseason conference favorite. The Dogs had 23 ace blocks, had 39 kills, served at 95 percent with 14 aces, received serve at 90 percent, and dug nearly 85 percent.

Leading the Dogs at the net were senior Rachael Wendlandt (13 kills and five blocks); junior Shonda Martinson (eight kills and six blocks); junior Lynn Lieser (five kills and six blocks); senior Brittany Lieser (nine kills); and senior Sam Moser (five blocks and two kills).

The Dogs, who went 5-1 last week, are now 6-2 this season, including undefeated in the West Central Conference North (2-0). They played at St. Cloud Cathedral, which beat Albany at state last year, in another conference match on Tuesday night. The Dogs will play at Melrose on Thursday and will host Sauk Centre on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

Albany--23 25 21 23
Paynesville--25 20 25 25 15

Individual Statistics
Hitting: Rachael Wendlandt 26/29 - 13A; Brittany Lieser 25/29 - 9A; Shonda Martinson 20/21 - 8A; Lynn Lieser 19/20 - 5A; Val Callenius 9/12 - 2A; Sam Moser 6/8 - 2A; Team 105/120 - 39A;
Serving: Brittany Lieser 19/19 - 2A; Kendra Johnson 16/17 - 3A; Ashley Lieser 14/15 - 1A; Wendlandt 12/12; Amanda Skalicky 10/10 - 5A; Lynn Lieser 8/9; Mel Mages 4/5 - 3A; Team 87/92 - 14A;
Serve Receive: Kayla Mackedanz 29/32; Brittany Lieser 15/18; Moser 12/12; Callenius 10/11; Martinson 9/11; Team 79/88;
Blocks: Lynn Lieser 6A; Martinson 6A; Moser 5A; Wendlandt 5A; Callenius 1A; Team 23A;
Assists: Johnson 48/49 - 21A; Ashley Lieser 38/38 - 13A; Martinson 6/6 - 3A; Team 103/105 - 37A;
Digs: Mackedanz 39/43; Brittany Lieser 23/32; Callenius 15/17; Johnson 11/11; Moser 11/11; Martinson 10/12; Team 118/138.

Minnewaska Tourney
The Bulldogs took third in an eight-team tournament at Minnewaska on Saturday, winning three out of four matches.

In pool play, where matches are the best two-out-of-three sets, the Dogs beat Herman-Norcross and Osakis but lost to BBE. The Jaguars (10-2) beat the Dogs (6-2) for the second time this fall, having beaten the Dogs in straight sets in the season opener.

BBE won the tourney title at Minnewaska, topping Brandon-Evansville in the final.

Paynesville beat LPGE in two sets to take third place.

"This was a good tournament for our confidence level," said coach Dawn Knoll. "The teams in the tournament are from the area but not necessarily on our schedule, so it was a good measuring stick for us. All the girls played well, and we were able to try a variety of combinations on the court."

Pool Play
Paynesville--25 25 15
Hermann-Norcross--14 19 9

Paynesville--25 25
Osakis--15 11

Paynesville--24 18
BBE--26 25

Third-Place Match
Paynesville--25 25
LPGE--16 20

Paynesville 3, ACGC 0
The Dogs beat ACGC in three sets on Monday, Sept. 13, in Grove City.

After winning a close first set (25-21) and an even closer second set (26-24), the Dogs closed out the match by dominating the third set (25-12). Wendlandt served nine straight points for the Dogs to end the match.

Winning in three sets was a good result on the road, where the team needs to be successful, according to Knoll. "Our hitters were able to find the holes in their defense and put the ball there," she added.

The Dogs hit 89 percent with 18 kills, they served 89 percent with nine aces, they received 85 percent of serves successfully, they missed only one set chance, and they dug 93 percent.

Paynesville--25 26 25
ACGC--21 24 12

Individual Statistics
Hitting: Martinson 18/20 - 4A; Wendlandt 12/12 - 6A; Brittany Lieser 12/13 - 3A; Mages 10/11 - 2A; Lynn Lieser 10/12 - 2A; Team 63/71 - 18A;
Serving: Wendlandt 17/17 - 1A; Brittany Lieser 15/16 - 1A; Johnson 12/13 - 2A; Ashley Lieser 12/15 - 5A; Team 67/75 - 9A;
Serve Receive: Mackedanz 23/26; Brittany Lieser 10/11; Team 47/55;
Blocks: Moser 1A;
Assists: Johnson 40/40 - 11A; Ashley Lieser 25/26 - 6A; Team 73/74 - 18A; Digs: Mackedanz 15/17; Johnson 12/12; Brittany Lieser 12/12; Mages 12/12; Team 67/72.

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