Netters still searching for wins

This article submitted by Jenni Mayer on 9/20/00.

The Paynesville volleyball team lost their match against Melrose on Thursday, Sept. 19, in three games.

In the first game, the Bulldogs did well. They talked on the court and had some really nice hits and digs. They worked hard to take the ball from the Dutchmen, but didn't take it enough times. The Dutchmen beat the Bulldogs 15-7 in the first game.

The second game didn't go so well for Paynesville. The Bulldogs got stuck making mental mistakes and got frustrated with themselves. The lineup was changed a little to see if someone could take charge on the court, but the Bulldogs didn't do it. They were defeated 15-2 in the second game of the night.

In the third game, the Bulldogs came back and started to talk again and do what they could to make a good play. As soon as the Bulldogs made a mistake, things went downhill. They didn't hit or dig as well as they did in the first game. They also had a little bit of trouble serving, which gave the Dutchmen the ball . The Bulldogs lost the third game 15-7 again.

Paynesville--7 2 7
Melrose--15 15 15

Individual results
Hitting: Joy Hemmesch 15/21 - 3A; Ashley Wall 12/14 - 3A; Mindy Meagher 15/18 - 3A;
Serving: Hemmesch 8/8; Jenny Habben 6/9 - 2A;
Blocks: Katie Wright 2/4 - 1A; Meagher 2/4 -1A;
Assists: Lisa Hemingson 7; Steph Krupke 4;
Digs: Hemmesch 17/20; Krupke12/15.

Minnewaska tournament
The Bulldogs traveled to Minnewaska High School on Saturday for a tournament. The Bulldogs were in a bracket with Minnewaska, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle, and Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa.

The Bulldogs played their first match at 8:30 a.m. against BBE. They were defeated in both the games. The girls had a good first game, coming close to BBE. They dug the ball and got it to the setter to make a good play. Their communication on the court was very good. BBE snuck by them 15-12.

In the second game, the Bulldogs had some trouble. They made mental errors, which caused some trouble with communication. They got down on themselves and never picked it back up. BBE defeated them 15-3.

The Bulldogs' next match was against the host Lakers. The girls had trouble against Minnewaska. They didn't talk on the court, which hurt them a great deal. They didn't play from their heart, so they kept making mistakes and got frustrated with themselves. They lost both games against Minnewaska: 15-4 and 15-1.

The last match of the day for the Bulldogs was against LPGE. In the first game, the Bulldogs had a little bit of trouble digging the ball and talking. They didn't get many good plays because of the lack of communication. They lost the first game 15-6.

In the second game, the Bulldogs tried harder and played from their hearts a little more. Toward the end, the Bulldogs had some good rallies and some awesome plays. Unfortunately, they started a little too late and were defeated by the Thunder 15-5.

Paynesville--12 3
BBE--15 15

Paynesville--4 1
Minnewaska--15 15

Paynesville--6 5
LPGE--15 15

Combined results
Hitting: Joy Hemmesch 28/35 - 7A; Sara Lieser 12/13 - 1A; Mindy Meagher 26/31 -6A; Steph Krupke 13/15 - 2A;
Serving: Lieser 10/10; Meagher 18/20 -3A;
Ace blocks: Hemmesch 3; Meagher 3;
Assists: Krupke 10; Lisa Hemingson 8;
Digs: Heidi Jansen 17/20; Krupke 11/13.

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