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Paynesville Press - August 7, 2002

Golfer gets second hole-in-one

By Andy Jones

hole in one!Few golfers ever get the chance to say they've aced a hole. Rick Grabow hasn't had that problem since June 10, 1983, when he hit a hole-in-one at Koronis Hills Golf Course.

Grabow repeated his feat on Sunday, July 28, on the same hole. "It will probably be another 20 years until I hit another one," he said.

Grabow lives in Richfield but has come to Paynesville to visit relatives and play golf almost every weekend for the past 30 years.

Grabow hit his second hole-in-one at 7:10 a.m. on Sunday. Playing alone, he was the first golfer to play #4 that morning. After he hit his ball he lost it in the sun and all he heard was the sound of the ball hitting the flag, which was in the back left corner of the green.

When he arrived at the green, there was one ball mark on the green, and his ball was nowhere in sight. Since Grabow was golfing alone, which he rarely does, he got a friend from a nearby group to help him look for his ball, but Grabow knew where it was. His friend looked in the hole and there it was.

Grabow's first ace was a bit different, as he was golfing with six people and everybody saw the ball go in the hole. At the time, the hole was #7, but it has since been renamed #4 due to the course's expansion to 18 holes.

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