Thirty-three teams compete in golf scramble

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 8/2/00.

Thirty-three teams competed in the four-person scramble at the Koronis Hills Golf Course Sunday.

Prizes went to the top four teams in each of four flights. The top two teams in each flight were:

Flight one: first place, Dave Carothers, Dave Cameron, Scott Koztolecki, and John Williams. 54; second place, Bob Lommel, Corey Lommel, and Steve Lommel, and Aaron Speldman, 59; Todd Burlingame, John Janotta, Lee Landsteiner, and Murry Rafferty, 59.

Flight two: first place, John Norine, Charlie Otto, Willie Shea, and Doug Kingery, 58; second place, Tim Forsman, Ron Ortquist, Steve Pankake, and Scott Barland, 60.

Flight three: first place, Tim Jackson, Mike Kragenbring, Tim Stockland, and Joe Hart, 64; second place, Bill Andres, Mark Andres, Roger Janson, and Mark Janson, 66.

Flight four: first place, Brad Glenz, Deb Glenz, Mark Weller, and Kari Weller, 61; second place, Greg Heinen, Duane Olmscheid, Bill Spooner, and Mark Mackedanz, 6

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