Former world champion middleweight boxer
to make local appearance

This article published on 7/28/99.

Former USBA Middleweight Champion, Alex ‘The Bronx Bomber' Ramos will appear on Thursday, July 29, at 7 p.m. in the seminar room at Paynesville Area High School. Ramos will talk about the sport of boxing, including his own twenty-two year career encompassing nearly 300 amateur and professional bouts, his USBA Middleweight Championship (1984), his California Middleweight Championship, and his current mission, which is the establishment of the Retired Boxers Foundation. In addition, Ramos will talk about the concerns of fighters and the proposed changes in the sport.

Ramos was a four-time New York Golden Gloves Champion, a member of the USA Boxing Team from 1978-80 and one of ‘Tomorrow's Champions'on NBC. He was denied the opportunity to fight for the U.S. in the 1980 Olympics because of a boycott imposed by President Jimmy Carter.

He appeared in over 22 televised fights and has been written about and interviewed by the greatest sports writers and commentators in the country. Ramos retired from boxing in 1991 after he lost his final title fight in Argentina and has dedicated his life to helping retired professional fighters make the transition from their glorious days in the ring to an often humiliating retirement affected by alcoholism, substance abuse problems, homelessness, rage disorders, and dementia pugilistica (the medical term for ‘punch drunk'). Industry experts estimate that as many as 90 percent of all retired professional fighters suffer from one or more of these conditions.

The Retired Boxers Foundation was founded in 1995 by Alex Ramos after he "awoke from the darkness" on the streets of Los Angeles, lost in the world of drugs, alcohol, and homelessness. He woke up from the nightmare of his idol, Joe Louis, who died penniless and was buried courtesy of welfare. The motto of the Retired Boxers Foundation is ‘The Undisputed Champion for Dignity!'

Alex Ramos' appearance is being arranged by Rosemary and Walter Dilley of Paynesville. Their daughter, Jacquie Richardson, is the executive director of the Retired Boxers Foundation and Alex Ramos is to be a guest of the family while here in Paynesville.

"Alex and what he is doing for retired fighters is way too important not to let people know and to give them the opportunity to meet him when he's in town!" said Rosemary Dilley.

For more information on the appearance and autograph signing, contact Alex Ramos at 805-583-5890, visit his website at, or contact Rosemary or Walter Dilley at 320-243-3346.

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