Nine win medals at state Special Olympics

This article submitted on 7/6/00.

Nine athletes from the Paynesville areas competed at the state track and field competition for Special Olympics recently. These athletes were Megan Anderson, Matt Bayer, Yvette Lounsbury, Michael Naujokas, Crystal Rudy, Dustin Rudy, Chris Sturtz, Josh Sturtz, and Mike Sturtz.

The event was held from Thursday, June 22, through Saturday, June 24, at the University of Minnesota.

In the field events, Bayer received a gold medal for first place in the softball throw, and Dustin Rudy received a fifth place ribbon.

For the standing long jump, Naujokas, Lounsbury, and Josh Sturtz each received a silver medal for second place. Chris Sturtz won a bronze medal for third place, and Mike Sturtz received a ribbon for fourth place. Anderson and Crystal Rudy earned fifth place ribbons.

In the track events, Bayer received another gold medal in the 200-meter run. Anderson placed second, and Lounsbury and Chris Sturtz both placed fourth.

In the 100-meter run, Naujokas took second, Dustin Rudy took fourth, and Crystal Rudy took sixth.

Josh and Mike Sturtz each earned a medal in the 400-meter dash. Josh got a silver medal for second, and Mike got a bronze medal for third.

Two relay teams competed for Paynesville, and both earned silver medals. One team consisted of Bayer, Lounsbury, Naujokas, and Dustin Rudy, and the other had Crystal Rudy, and Chris, Josh, and Mike Sturtz. Both finished second.

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