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Paynesville Press - June 22, 2005

First mini-triathalon held on Rice and Koronis on Saturday

By Michael Jacobson

On Saturday, a mini-triathalon was held on Rice Lake, the Crow River, and around Lake Koronis.

It featured a three-mile kayak/canoe race from the public access on the south shore of Rice Lake down the Crow River to Mud Lake to the public access by the five-mile bridge on Lake Koronis. Then competitors started an 11-mile bike race around Lake Koronis, circling the lake in a clockwise direction, starting at the public access and ending at Veterans' Memorial Park. A four-mile run - along Old Lake Road - started and ended at Veterans' Memorial Park on Lake Koronis.

boats The mini-triathalon included an experienced division and a recreational division, where groups of athletes could participate as a team.

A group of kayaks passes under the railroad bridge while paddling their way from Rice Lake (background) and down the Crow River to Mud Lake and then to Lake Koronis. Over 30 boats participated in the first mini-triathalon for Town and Country Days.

In all, 56 people participated in the mini-triathalon, half as individuals and half as part of teams.

Winning the race was Jerry Heaps from the Twin Cities in a time of 1:35:45. Kath Sullivan, also from the Twin Cities, was first among women (and fifth overall) in 1:42:47.

runner The highest local finishers were the team of Gene Beavers and Jeff Mogard (canoe), Tim Lane (bicycle), and Randy Zimmerman (run), who were fourth overall in 1:40:00 and first among teams.

The fun run was not held due to a lack of participants.

Ryan Stoneburner finished seventh overall and first among men in the recreational division with a time of 1:43:56.

Website with pictures and results.

Local Results
(Name, Overall Place, Time, Group Place)<

Mens Experienced
Tom Stoneburner, 19th, 1:56:00, 11th
Gerry Stock, 21st, 1:58:30, 12th

Mens Recreational
Ryan Stoneburner, 7th, 1:43:56, 1st
Steve Peterson, 25th, 2:05:48, 3rd
Jay Thompson, 27th, 2:07:09, 4th
Ezra Thompson, 31st, 2:10:01, 7th
Jon Millner, 32nd, 2:10:41, 8th
Doug Millner, 33rd, 2:11:42, 9th
Jeb Johnson, 35th, 2:12:43, 11th

Womens Recreational
Mary Wilkens, 37th, 2:19:42, 1st
Cary Schlick, 40th, 2:48:26, 2nd
Krista Wendroth, 41st, 2:48:27, 3rd

Gene Beavers, Jeff Mogard, Tim Lane, and Randy Zimmerman, 4th, 1:40:00, 1st
Josh Kerzman, Tim Roberg, and Matt Kerzman, 9th, 1:47:06, 2nd
Todd Burlingame, Mike Jacobson, and Dave Johnson, 17th, 1:55:20, 5th
Jay Thompson and Peder Thompson, 23rd, 2:01:44, 6th
Molly, Rheanne, and Ginelle Zimmerman, 24th, 2:01:55, 7th
Greg, Ann, and Zach Friederichs, 26th, 2:06:24, 8th
Frank and Kathleen Ziegler, 39th, 2:24:36, 10th
Kris Cervin, Rebecca Fokken, and Todd and George Lemke, 42nd, 2:49:26, 11th

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