Deyak and Zuroff are new head greenskeeprs at KHGC

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 6/16/99.

Brad Deyak and Jason Zuroff are the new head groundskeepers at Koronis Hills Golf Course.

Deyak was the assistant super-intendent at KHGC last year, and Zuroff was hired in March to be Deyak's assistant when he was promoted to superintendent.

"We are in charge of the whole grounds," said Deyak. "We have to make sure all the equipment is operational, and oversee the employees." Deyak also added they do a lot of the work on the course grounds.

Deyak and Zuroff are both from the St. Cloud area. Zuroff comes from Sauk Rapids originally, and Deyak comes from St. Cloud.

Both Deyak and Zuroff have lots of experience working on grounds crews.

Deyak started by working at Dick Putz field in St. Cloud as a grounds crew member at the field. He then started to work at Wapicada Golf Course in St. Cloud, where he began to work with Zuroff.

"I have been in the business for 10 years," said Deyak.

Deyak attended college at St. Cloud State University, during the time he worked at Wapicada. He majored in recreational/business management.

"I have worked at Wapicada since I was 16," said Zuroff.

Zuroff added that he had worked at the Wapicada Golf Course for 11 years, eight years were spent working on the gounds crew, before he was hired as Deyak's assistant at Koronis Hills Golf Course.

Deyak and Zuroff usually both have to work long days. They begin at six in the morning and if they are lucky they are done by 4 p.m., but usually they need to return around 7 p.m. to make sure everything is still working.

"We are responsible for the course 24 hours a day," said Deyak.

Both Deyak and Zuroff have had lots of experience working on grounds crews, and they feel Koronis Hills Golf Course is in good condition.

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