Girls set record in track victory

This article submitted by Mandy Mayer on 5/16/01.

The Bulldogs traveled to Benson-KMS last Tuesday and took first place again. Paynesville's final score was 168.5, compared to 159 for second-place Minnewaska.

"This was a solid effort but we were not as sharp mentally as we can be. The team was a little flat for this meet," said coach Dave Randgaard.

"We need to continue to get better in our upcoming meets," he added. The Bulldogs did post six personal bests at the meet. It was a great night for the relay teams as three posted their best times.

The Bulldogs' 4 by 100-meter relay team was second with their best time of 53.71. Team members were Renea Eastling, Heidi Jansen, Joy Hemmesch, and Carla Hemmesch.

The Bulldogs' 4 by 200-meter relay had their best time of the season and placed third. The runners were Heather Christensen, Jansen, Hannah Braun, and Carla Hemmesch. Braun also ran the 300-meter hurdles and placed third.

And the 4 by 400-meter relay had their best time, too! That relay team consisted of Danny Lieser, Leanne Kolb, Brooke Schmitz, and Kendra Johnson. Their time of 4:22.83 was good for second.

Christensen was able to join the team for her first meet this year and also ran her personal best in the 100-meter dash, taking seventh. Eastling was first in the 100-meter dash and second in the 200 and the long jump.

In the discus, Morgan Martinson placed second with a personal best throw of 97' 6". Joy Hemmesch was third in the discus as well.

The last personal best was by Kolb in the 400-meter run. She clocked in at 1:06.14 for fifth, trailing Johnson who took third.

Paynesville dominated the mile run. Jenny Hess placed first, Brooke Schmitz placed third, and Mandy Mayer was fourth. Hess also was first in the two-mile run, and Melissa Bachman won the pole vault again.

Team scores
1. Paynesville -168.5
2. Minnewaska -159
3. New London-Spicer -129.5
4. Montevideo -69.5
5. Benson-KMS -67.5
6. LQPV -58
7. CACGB -36
8. Dawson-Boyd -5

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Jessica Virant, fifth, 17.96; Katrina Orbeck, eighth, 18.43;
300-meter hurdles: Braun, third, 52.6; 100-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, first, 13.5; Heather Christensen, seventh, 13.95 (personal best);
200-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, second, 26.78;
400-meter dash: Kendra Johnson, third, 1:05.57; Kolb, fifth, 1:06.14 (pb);
1,600-meter run: Jenny Hess, first, 5:10.22; Brooke Schmitz, third, 5:52.26; Mayer, fourth, 6:03.26;
3,200-meter run: Hess, first, 11:00.53;
400-meter relay: Eastling, Jansen, Joy Hemmesch, Carla Hemmesch, second, 53.71(pb);
800-meter relay: Jansen, Christensen, Carla Hemmesch, Hannah Braun, third, 1:5728 (pb);
1,600-meter relay: Lieser, Johnson, Kolb, Schmitz, second, 4:22.83 (pb);
3,200-meter relay: Lieser, Mayer, Kolb, Johnson, third, 10:42.27;
Discus: Morgan Martinson, second, 97' 6" (pb); Joy Hemmesch, third, 94' 9";
Shot put: Jansen, second, 32' 9.25"; Hemmesch, fourth, 30' 1.75";
High jump: Ashley Wall, third, 4' 6"; Johnson, seventh, 4' 6";
Long jump: Eastling, second, 14' 9.5"; Lieser, third, 14' 3.75";
Triple jump: Jessica Virant, fourth, 30' 11"; Mayer, fifth, 30' 11";
Pole vault: Bachman, first, 9' 6"; Hemmesch, fourth, 7' 6".

Melrose Invitational
On Thursday, the Paynesville girls had an outstanding meet at Melrose, winning by 20 points.

"We had a solid effort by the team for this meet and had some excellent performances. We also have some areas that we can improve on," said Randgaard.

Once again, the Bulldogs set six personal bests in the meet. Martinson improved her personal best in the discus, throwing 98' 3" to take first place. Jessica Paul placed seventh in the discus with her personal best throw.

Christensen also lowered her personal best in the 100-meter dash to 13.57, taking sixth, and Jansen ran her best of 13.75 to take eighth.

Ashley Ahrens and Kendra Johnson both jumped their personal bests in the high jump, placing fifth and seventh.

Brooke Schmitz set the seventh grade record in the 800-meter run with her personal best. Her time was 2:30.25. She took fourth.

In that race, Jenny Hess suffered her first loss of the season to a good half-mile runner from LPGE. Hess won the mile run, and remains undefeated in that race and the two-mile run for the season.

Eastling took first in the 200-meter run and was runner-up in the 100-meter dash and in the 400-meter relay.

Bachman won the pole vault again for the Bulldogs.

Danny Lieser ran the fastest leg for the second-place 1,600-meter relay team and took third place in both the long and triple jumps.

Team scores
1. Paynesville -166.5
2. NL-S -141.5
3. LPGE -127
4. Sauk Centre -95
5. Melrose -71
6. Albany -38
7. BBE -14

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Katrina Orbeck, sixth, 18.25; Hannah Braun, seventh, 18.31;
300-meter hurdles: Braun, third, 52.2;
100-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, second, 12.93; Heather Christensen, sixth, 13.57(pb); Heidi Jansen, eighth, 13.75 (pb);
200-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, first, 26.45;
400-meter dash: Leanne Kolb, fourth, 1:06; Kendra Johnson, fifth, 1:07.34; 800-meter run: Jenny Hess, second, 2:22.8; Brooke Schmitz, fourth, 2:30.25 (pb); 1,600-meter run: Jenny Hess, first, 5:12; Mayer, third, 5:59 (pb);
400-meter relay: Eastling, Jansen, Joy Hemmesch, Carla Hemmesch, second, 54.3;
800-meter relay: Christensen, Jansen, Braun, Schmitz, fourth, 2:01;
1,600-meter relay: Lieser, Mayer, Kolb, Hess, second, 4:24.81;
3,200-meter relay: Lieser, Schmitz, Johnson, Kolb, fourth, 10:41;
Discus: Morgan Martinson, first, 98' 3"(pb); Joy Hemmesch, second, 90' 4", Jessica Paul, seventh, 73' 10" (pb)
Shot put: Jansen, second, 32' 1.5"; Hemmesch, third, 29' 6"; Martinson, eighth, 25' 8.5";
High jump: Ashley Ahrens, fifth, 4' 10"(pb); Ashley Wall, sixth, 4' 10"; Kendra Johnson, seventh, 4'10";
Long jump: Danny Lieser, third, 15' 1"; Eastling, fifth, 14' 7"; Melissa Bachman, eighth, 13' 9.5";
Pole vault: Bachman, first, 9' 6"; Hemmesch, fourth, 7' 6".
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