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Paynesville Press - May 14, 2003

Track teams combine to take third at fun meet

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Bulldogs traveled to Maple Lake on Thursday for a fun meet.

This unconventional meet consisted of relays. Some relays were mixed with boys and girls, and for others competitors recorded their own time or distance but then three team results were added together to get a team score. For instance, the field events were put into a relay by adding each individual distance, and the hurdles were put into a relay by adding the individual times.

Jen Berg carries the baton for the Bulldogs The meet featured medley relays, relays of unusual distance (a 4 by 1,600-meter relay and a 4 by 1,200-meter relay, for example), a thrower's relay, and a coach's relay at the end of the meet, which everyone really enjoyed.

The Bulldogs took first place in five events and finished third as a team at the meet.

The Bulldogs' 4 by 800-meter mixed relay team - eighth grader Kacy Nehowig, ninth grader Brooke Schmitz, and seniors Tommy Flannigan and Riley Flanders - dominated the first race of the day, winning by 10 seconds. This same team also took first in the 4 by 1,200-meter mixed relay.

Senior Jen Berg helped the mixed 4 by 100-meter relay finish third at the Maple Lake Relay Meet.

The boys' 800-meter medley relay took first, beating the second-place team by less than a second. Juniors Lee Fuchs-Thielen and Troy Fuchs-Thielen ran 100-meter legs, senior Milan Virant ran the 200-meter leg, and junior Chad Wyffels ran the 400-meter leg.

The girls also took first place in the long jump, which was done as a relay, with three individuals jumping and their distances being added together. Schmitz, ninth grader Tara Schmidt, and senior Kelly Schultz combined to jump over 41 feet to win this event.

The fifth, and last, event that took first place was the girls' 400-meter medley relay. Junior Jess Paul and Schultz ran 50-meter legs, ninth grader Megan Reeck ran the 100-meter leg, and Schmidt ran the anchor 200-meter leg.

Ben Lingl hands off to Josh Teicher This week, the Bulldogs will compete in a traditional meet for the West Central Conference North title on Thursday starting at 2:30 p.m. The meet is hosted by St. Cloud Cathedral but will be held at St. Cloud Apollo High School.

Junior Ben Lingl hands the baton to senior Josh Teicher during the 400-meter medley relay with Lingl running a 50-meter leg and Teicher running a 200-meteer leg.

Team Scores
1. Monticello 197
2. Annandale 172
3. Paynesville 151
4. Maple Lake 147
5. Albany 145
6. St. Michael-Albertville 125
7. St. John's Prep 94
8. Holy Trinity 70

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Girls - Kendra Johnson, Tara Schmidt, and Brittany Lieser, fifth, 55.8; Boys - Chad Wyffels, Ryan Glenz, and Freddie Stock, sixth, 1:02.8;
300-meter hurdles: Girls - Johnson, Tanis Beireis, and Lindsey Wyffels, third, 2:47.12;
4 by 100-meter relay: Mixed - Maggie Frieler, Bari Behling, Lee Fuchs-Thielen, and Troy Fuchs-Thielen, fourth, 52.9; Ninth Grade Girls - Kacie Wander, Lindsey Wyffels, Megan Reeck, and Tanya Whitcomb, third, 58.6; Throwers - Morgan Martinson, Peggy Thompson, Derek Burris, and Glenz, fifth, 56.0;
400-meter medley relay (50, 50, 100, 200): Girls - Jessica Paul, Kelly Schultz, Reeck, and Schmidt, first, 55.7; Boys - Glenz, Ben Lingl, Aaron Bachman, and Teicher, fourth, 50.2;
4 by 200-meter relay: Mixed - Johnson, Schmidt, Milan Virant, and Josh Teicher, second, 1:46.1;
800-meter medley relay (100, 100, 200, 400): Girls - Wander, Behling, Frieler, and Mandy Mayer, third, 2:09.1; Boys - Lee Fuchs-Thielen, Troy Fuchs-Thielen, Virant, and Chad Wyffels, first, 1:42.7;
4 by 400-meter relay: Mixed - Mayer, Jen Berg, Virant, and Chad Wyffels, third, 4:04.3;
1,600-meter medley relay (200, 200, 400, 800): Girls - Mayer, Schultz, Beireis, and Berg, sixth, 4:56; Boys - Lingl, Chris Utsch, Stock, and Greg Person, eighth, 4:38.6;
4 by 800-meter relay: Mixed - Kacy Nehowig, Brooke Schmitz, Tom Flannigan, and Riley Flanders, first, 9:33;
4 by 1,200-meter relay: Mixed - Nehowig, Schmitz, Flannigan, and Flanders, first, 15:33.8;
4 by 1,600-meter relay: Mixed - Sheena Hoekstra, Jessica Kotten, Dugan Flanders, and Chris Utsch, seventh, 24:53;
Discus: Girls - Martinson, Thompson, and Paul, third, 253' 4"; Boys - Adam Leyendecker, Burris, and Jon Scheierl, seventh, 237' 1";
Shot put: Girls - Martinson, Paul, and Lieser, third, 79' 8"; Boys - Leyendecker, Josh Binsfeld, and Glenz, fourth, 106' 3";
High jump: Boys - Flannigan, Teicher, and Troy Fuchs-Thielen, third, 15' 10";
Long jump: Girls - Schmitz, Schmidt, and Schultz, first, 41' 4 3/4"; Boys - Lee Fuchs-Thielen, Troy Fuchs-Thielen, and Virant, fifth, 52' 4 1/4";
Triple jump: Girls - Mayer, Whitcomb, and Frieler, fourth, 85' 8 1/2"; Boys - Lee Fuchs-Thielen, Chad Wyffels, and Stock, second, 106' 3 1/2".

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