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Paynesville Press - May 7, 2003

Girls run second at true team sections

By Mandy Mayer

The Paynesville girls' track team placed second at the true team sectional meet at Holdingford on Thursday. The true team meet decides which school will go to state as a team.

Brooke Schmitz The Bulldogs finished second behind Mayer Lutheran, but the Dogs aren't out of the running yet. All the second place teams get the chance to be a wild card entry at the meet. Results from across the state will be used to conduct a fictional meet, with the winner also advancing to state.

Ninth grader Brooke Schmitz won the 1,600-meter run, took second in the 800-meter run, and placed sixth in the long jump last week.

Mayer Lutheran, the defending state champions, won the meet with 524.5 points. Paynesville was second with 431 points. At true team, each team enters two competitors in each individual event and one relay, and all results are ranked, leading to higher team scores.

The meet started out sort of slow for the Dogs, whose 3,200-meter relay team finished fourth. Things started picking up after sophomore Kendra Johnson finished second in the 100-meter hurdles, and ninth grader Tara Schmidt finished second in the 100-meter dash.

But the momentum really picked up for the Dogs when ninth grader Brooke Schmitz and eighth grader Kacy Nehowig finished first and second, just one second apart, in the 1,600-meter run.

Then Johnson won the 300-meter hurdles with a great race. Nehowig finished second in the 3,200-meter run with teammate Tanis Beireis, another eighth grader, in fifth. They scored 31 points for the team.

Another strong event for the Bulldogs was the high jump, where sophomore Brittany Lieser placed fourth and Johnson placed fifth. Johnson had four top five finishes for the team.

Other top five individual finishes were Schmitz (second in the 800-meter run), Schmidt (third in the 200-meter dash), and senior Morgan Martinson (fourth in the discus).

The coaches were really impressed with the girls' performances and their great team morale. "We are extremely proud of the effort and great team chemistry shown in this meet. They really supported each other and cheered through the entire meet," said head coach Dave Randgaard.

This week, the Bulldogs will travel to Maple Lake for a meet on Thursday.

Team scores
1. Mayer Lutheran 524.5
2. Paynesville 431.0
3. Blake School 355.0
4. St. Croix Lutheran 302.0
5. Maple Lake 296.5
6. Mounds Park Academy 294.0
7. Holdingford 266.0
8. Concordia Academy 262.5
9. Royalton 161.5

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Kendra Johnson, second, 16.6 (personal best); Tara Schmidt, eighth, 18.14 (personal best);
300-meter hurdles: Johnson, first, 49.4; Tanis Beireis, tenth, 54.4;
100-meter dash: Schmidt, second, 13.16 (personal best); Johnson, fourth, 13.53 (personal best);
200-meter dash: Schmidt, third, 27.24; Frieler, 14th, 30.30;
400-meter dash: Mandy Mayer, sixth, 1:07; Megan Reeck, tenth, 1:09;
800-meter run: Schmitz, second, 2:31; Jen Berg, seventh, 2:41.56;
1,600-meter run: Schmitz, first, 5:34; Kacy Nehowig, second, 5:35;
3,200-meter run: Nehowig, second, 12:16; Beireis, fifth, 13:09;
400-meter relay: Kacie Wander, Bari Behling, Maggie Frieler, and Jessica Paul, fifth, 57.28;
800-meter relay: Reeck, Behling, Frieler, and Paul, fifth, 2:01;
1,600-meter relay: Mayer, Reeck, Berg, and Brooke Schmitz, third, 4:27;
3,200-meter relay: Mayer, Beireis, Berg, and Sheena Hoekstra, fourth, 11:14;
Discus: Morgan Martinson, fourth, 109' 1"; Peggy Thompson, tenth, 84' 8" (personal best);
Shot put: Martinson, sixth, 30' 9"; Paul, 14th, 26' 8";
High jump: Brittany Lieser, fourth, 4' 10"; Johnson, fifth, 4' 8";
Long jump: Schmitz, sixth, 14' 7"; Schmidt, ninth, 13' 8";
Triple jump: Mayer, sixth, 30' 10 1/2"; Tanya Whitcomb, tenth, 29' 11" (personal best);
Pole vault: Lieser, seventh, 7' 0"; Paul, eighth, 5' 6".

BBE meet
The girls' track team won the five-team BBE Invitational on Tuesday, April 29.

Paynesville blew the competition away, winning eight events and taking second in nine. The Dogs beat second-place BBE by nearly 75 points.

The Bulldogs went to this meet to get ready for their big meet last Thursday. "This was a fun meet that we used as a tune-up for true team," said coach Dave Randgaard.

Double individual winners included senior Morgan Martinson in the discus and shot put, sophomore Kendra Johnson in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles, and ninth grader Tara Schmidt in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes.

Senior Jen Berg also won the 800-meter dash and ran a leg on the winning 3,200-meter relay, joined by senior Mandy Mayer, eighth grader Tanis Beireis, and ninth grader Jessica Kotten.

The Bulldogs set nine personal bests at the meet. Ninth grader Sheena Hoekstra ran a hard combination at the meet, doubling in the mile and two mile. She finished second in both with personal bests in each.

Johnson also set two personal bests, in the 100-meter hurdles and in the 100-meter dash, where she placed fourth.

Junior Peggy Thompson set a personal best in the discus, where she placed second; ninth grader Kelly Herzberg set a personal best in the high jump, placing fifth; and senior Kelly Schultz set a personal best in the 100-meter dash, where she placed sixth.

Team scores
1. Paynesville 224
2. BBE 150
3. St. John's Prep 94
4. Maple Lake 91
5. Hancock 49

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Kendra Johnson, first, 16.9 (personal best); Tara Schmidt, seventh, 19.4;
300-meter hurdles: Johnson, first, 49.18; Tanis Beireis, second, 53.6;
100-meter dash: Schmidt, first, 13.07; Johnson, fourth, 13.7 (personal best); Bari Behling, seventh, 14.2;
200-meter dash: Schmidt, first, 27.74; Mandy Mayer, second, 29.26; Kelly Schultz, sixth, 30.9 (personal best);
400-meter dash: Mayer, second, 1:05.63; Megan Reeck, fifth, 1:09.94;
800-meter run: Jen Berg, first, 2:41; Lindsey Wyffels, sixth, 3:09;
1,600-meter run: Sheena Hoekstra, second, 6:27 (personal best); Jessica Kotten, fourth, 6:58; Wyffels, fifth, 6:59;
3,200-meter run: Hoekstra, second, 14:13 (personal best);
800-meter relay: Reeck, Behling, Maggie Frieler, and Jessica Paul, second, 2:00.66;
3,200-meter relay: Mayer, Beireis, Berg, and Kotten, first, 11:05;
Discus: Morgan Martinson, first, 110' 10"; Peggy Thompson, second, 84' 5" (personal best);
Shot put: Martinson, first, 30' 4"; Paul, fourth, 26' 10 1/2"; Brittany Lieser, seventh, 25' 11";
High jump: Johnson, second, 4' 10"; Lieser, fourth, 4' 8"; Kelly Herzberg, fifth, 4' 8" (personal best);
Long jump: Schmidt, third, 13' 7"; Berg, sixth, 12' 8"; Tanya Whitcomb, seventh, 12' 7";
Triple jump: Mayer, second, 30'; Whitcomb, eighth, 26' 10 1/2";
Pole vault: Paul, second, 7' 0"; Beireis, third, 6' 6"; Lieser, fourth, 6' 0".

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