Tracksters dominate home meet

This article submitted by Andrew Jones on 4/26/00.

Adam Utsch and Dan Pearson The Paynesville boys' track team competed in two meets this week. The first was in Minnewaska and the second at home. The team won both meets: the first by a close margin and the second by a very large margin.

On Friday at home, the boys' team scored a whopping 217 points, more than doubling the score of each of the other six teams.

Coach Darrel Carstens said, "Great meet, great depth, good times and distances. It shows that we are definitely improving!"

Highlights of the night included Jeff Voss taking first in the 110- and 300-meter hurdles. Voss tied the school record in the 110-meter hurdles with a run of 14.9 seconds.

Adam Utsch, a LPGE runner, and Dan Pearson were on each other's heels in the front of the pack during the 1,600-meter run Friday. Pearson was second, and Utsch was third by less than a second.

Senior Steve Flint won the shot put; Luke Trees won the high jump and the long jump; the 1600-meter relay team of Voss, Nic Glenz, Eric Rausch, and Trees took first; and the 3,200-meter relay team of Eric Korman, Travis Flanders, Rausch, and Clayton Lang won by more than 30 seconds.

The Bulldogs scored 10 or more points in 13 of 18 events. In three events, they scored more than 20 points.

Team scores
1. Paynesville -217
2. New London-Spicer -97
3. Long Prairie-Grey Eagle -95
4. Melrose -85
5. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball -37
6. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa -12

Individual results
110-meter hurdles: Jeff Voss, first, 14.9; Adam Schaefer, third, 17.9; Phil Mohs, fourth, 20.41;
300-meter hurdles: Voss, first, 41.8; Schaefer, third, 46.31; Mohs, fourth, 46.9; Andrew Jones, fifth, 48.84; Scott Thompson, sixth, 52.14;
100-meter dash: Chris Wendlandt, fifth, 11.85;
200-meter dash: Luke Trees, third, 23.5;
400-meter dash: Eric Rausch, third, 53.27; Nic Glenz, fourth, 53.48;
800-meter run: Eric Korman, second, 2:14; Travis Flanders, third, 2:20; Tommy Flannigan, fifth, 2:26; Freddie Stock, sixth, 2:36;
1,600-meter run: Dan Pearson, second, 4:48; Adam Utsch, third, 4:50; Riley Flanders, fourth, 5:12; Flannigan, fifth, 5:14;
3,200-meter run: Clayton Lang, second, 10:09; Utsch, third, 10:55; Dan Pearson, fourth, 11:05;
400-meter relay: Mohs, Wendlandt, John Brady, Ryan Whitcomb, third, 49.12;
800-meter relay: Wendlandt, Jones, Whitcomb, Schaefer, second, 1:42.69;
1,600-meter relay: Trees, Voss, Glenz, Rausch, first, 3:34;
3,200-meter relay: Travis Flanders, Korman, Rausch, Lang, first, 8:39;
Discus: Josh Bork, second, 126'; Steve Flint, fourth, 111' 8";
Shot put: Flint, first, 44' 9"; Bork, fifth, 38' 8.5";
Long jump: Trees, first, 19' 7"; Tony Spates, fifth, 17' 8.5";
High jump: Trees, first, 6' 0";
Triple jump: Jones, second, 37' 11.5"; Voss, fourth, 37' 5"; Whitcomb, fifth, 36' 6.75".

Minnewaska Meet On Tuesday, April 25, at Minnewaska, the Bulldogs scored 139 points, which wasn't as large as Friday but was still good enough for victory. The team won by 13 points.

The team was missing quite a few members. Many people had to be shuffled around at the last second because of the unexpected absences.

Highlights included Jeff Voss taking first and second in the hurdle races; Steve Flint took first in the shot put with his best throw of the year (45' 10"); sophomores Eric Rausch and Nic Glenz finishing one-two in the 400-meter dash; and the 1,600-meter relay team of Rausch, Glenz, Voss, and Travis Flanders taking first to ensure a victory for the Bulldogs.

Second place finishers for Paynesville were Clayton Lang in both the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs; Eric Korman in the 800-meter run; John Brady in the long jump; and the 3,200-meter relay team of Ryan Flanders, Riley Flanders, Travis Flanders, and Korman.

Coach Carstens said, "This was a great team meet, where individuals stepped up to help a great team effort. We had some great times and distances."

Team scores
1. Paynesville -139
2. Ottertail County Central -126
3. New London-Spicer -94
4. Minnewaska -93
5. Morris -67
6. West Central Area -33
7. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa -5

Individual results
110-meter hurdles: Jeff Voss, first, 15.22;
300-meter hurdles: Voss, second, 40.83; Andrew Jones, fifth, 48.36;
100-meter dash: Josh Trees, fifth, 11.87;
200-meter dash: Eric Rausch, fourth, 24.02;
400-meter dash: Rausch, first, 52.61; Nic Glenz, second, 53.19;
800-meter run: Eric Korman, second, 2:10;
1,600-meter run: Clayton Lang, second, 4:36; Dan Pearson, fifth, 4:52; Adam Utsch, sixth, 4:52;
3,200-meter run: Clayton Lang, second, 10:15; Dan Pearson, third, 11:04; Utsch, fourth, 11:15;
400-meter relay: Mike Smith, Scott Thompson, John Brady, Ryan Whitcomb, sixth, 49.92;
800-meter relay: Thompson, Jones, Whitcomb, Smith, fourth, 1:44.34;
1,600-meter relay: Travis Flanders, Voss, Glenz, Rausch, first, 3:36;
3,200-meter relay: Travis Flanders, Korman, Riley Flanders, Ryan Flanders, second, 8:57;
Discus: Josh Bork, third,126' 7"; Steve Flint, fifth, 114' 6";
Shot put: Flint, first, 45' 10"; Bork, sixth, 39' 11";
Long jump: Brady, second, 18' 10";
High jump: Trees, fifth, 5' 8"; Smith, sixth, 5' 2";
Triple jump: Jones, fifth, 37' 5"; Whitcomb, sixth, 36'1.5";
Pole Vault: Glenz, fifth, 10' 6"; Jeff Voss, sixth, 10' 6".

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