Dogs run to fourth title at Willmar

This article submitted by Mandy Mayer on 4/25/01.

Last Thursday, the Paynesville girls had an outstanding meet at Willmar. The Bulldogs won the meet for the third time in a row, with a score of 164 edging Willmar. The Bulldogs have won the meet the last three times they competed, but were not able to participate a year ago due to the Easter holiday.

Randgaard said, "The Paynesville girls track team won a ‘big meet’ against some outstanding girls track teams in the Willmar area. Willmar and and Marshall are both AA schools, and ACGC and RCW have excellent teams."

Ranae Eastling won two events and took second in her other two at the Optimist in Willmar last Thursday.

The Bulldogs won seven events, including five of the six individual running races.

Jenny Hess had a great meet winning both the mile run and the two-mile run. Eastling won the 100- and 200-meter dashes, and Brooke Schmitz won the 800-meter run.

In the running events, the Bulldogs scored 99 points, compared with 65 points in the field events.

Danny Lieser had her personal best to win the long jump, and Melissa Bachman won the pole vault.

Eastling also had a personal best in triple jump to take second. The Bulldogs had five runner-up finishes altogether: in the 400-meter relay and the 3,200-meter relay and from Joy Hemmesch in the discus and Heidi Jansen in the shot put.

"The coaches are very proud of their first place finish at Willmar and four championships out of four meets so far this season," said Randgaard.

Team scores
1. Paynesville -164
2. Willmar -155.5
3. ACGC -108.5
4. RCW -82
5. NLS -67.5
6. Marshall -66
7. Monte -46
8. BBE -10.5

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Hannah Braun, ninth, 18.57;
300-meter hurdles: Braun, fourth, 53.6;
100-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, first, 13.48;
200-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, first, 27.52;
400-meter dash: Kendra Johnson, third, 1:05.5(pb); Danny Lieser, sixth, 1:06.7; Amy Mueller, eighth, 1:07.8;
800-meter run: Brooke Schmitz, first, 2:31.3; Mandy Mayer, fourth, 2:41; Leanne Kolb, seventh, 2:44;
1,600-meter run: Jenny Hess, first, 5:14.7; Schmitz, fourth, 5:40.8;
3,200-meter run: Jenny Hess, first, 11:25.8;
400-meter relay: Eastling, Jansen, Joy Hemmesch, Carla Hemmesch, second, 54.5;
800-meter relay: Disqualified;
1,600-meter relay: Schmitz, Mayer, Kolb, Johnson, third, 4:31;
3,200-meter relay: Lieser, Mayer, Johnson, Kolb, second,10:48;
Discus: Joy Hemmesch, second, 97' 2"; Morgan Martinson, fourth, 86' 9";
Shot put: Jansen, second, 32' 8"; Hemmesch, fourth 32' 1";
High jump: Ashley Wall, fourth, 4' 8"; Ashley Ahrens, eighth 4' 8" (pb);
Long jump: Danny Lieser, first, 14' 10.5";
Triple jump: Eastling, second, 31' 7.5", Mayer, sixth, 30' 3";
Pole vault: Bachman, first, 9' 6"; Hemmesch, sixth, 7' 6".

Glencoe-Silver Lake
On Tuesday, April 17, the girls' track team headed to Glencoe. There were supposed to be three teams at the meet, but the third one didn't show up, so it ended up being just a dual meet.

Paynesville took charge with a score of 122, and Glencoe-Silver Lake scored only 63.

"This was a different kind of meet, where we used a different lineup and the girls had a chance to try some different events," said coach Dave Randgaard.

Eighth grader Ranea Eastling had an outstanding meet, placing first in all of her four events! They were the 100-meter dash, the 400-meter relay, the 200-meter dash, and triple jump.

Joy Hemmesch also placed in four events. She took first in the discus, second in shot put, second in pole vault, and first in the 400-meter relay.

The Bulldogs took first place in 15 events. Other first place finishers were: Hannah Braun (300-meter hurdles), Kendra Johnson (400-meter dash), Jenny Hess (800-meter run), Brooke Schmitz (1,600-meter run), the 800-meter, the 1,600-meter, and the 3,200-meter relays, Heidi Jansen (shot put), Danielle Lieser (long jump), and Melissa Bachman (pole vault).

The Bulldogs also posted five personal best times, including Eastling in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. Johnson also had a personal best in winning the 400-meter dash.

In the 100-meter hurdles, Jessica Virant and Hannah Braun both had personal best times, placing second and third respectively.

"We really wanted participation in this meet and to have a lot of fun competing in track and field." said Randgaard. "The team put forth a solid effort in this meet."

This week, the Bulldogs host their own invitational on Thursday, starting at 4:30 p.m. They will also compete at Minnewaska next Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Team scores
1. Paynesville -122
2. Glencoe -63

Individual Results
100-meter hurdles: Jessica Virant, second, 17.9 (personal best); Hannah Braun, third, 17.95 (pb);
300-meter hurdles: Braun, first, 53.4; Katrina Orbeck, second, 55.8; Jessica Virant, fourth, 56.7;
100-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, first, 12.91(pb); Heidi Jansen, third, 13.86;
200-meter dash: Ranea Eastling, first, 27.3(pb); Mandy Mayer, third, 29.22; Carla Hemmesch, fourth, 30.3;
400-meter dash: Kendra Johnson, first, 1:07(pb); Amy Mueller, second, 1:07.5; Morgan Martinson, fourth, 1:13
800-meter run: Jenny Hess, first, 2:25; Leanne Kolb, second, 2:44; 1,600-meter run: Brooke Schmitz, first, 5:44;
400-meter relay: Eastling, Jansen, Joy Hemmesch, Carla Hemmesch, first, 54.36;
800-meter relay: Jansen, Mueller, Carla Hemmesch, Hannah Braun, first, 1:59.81;
1,600-meter relay: Lieser, Mayer, Kolb, Schmitz, first, 4:33;
3,200-meter relay: Hess, Mayer, Schmitz, Johnson, first,10:33;
Discus: Joy Hemmesch, first, 99' 10"; Morgan Martinson, fourth, 84' 10";
Shot put: Jansen, first, 32' 11"; Hemmesch, second, 31' 10";
High jump: Rachel Koehn, second, 4' 8"; Ashley Wall, third, 4' 6"; Ashley Ahrens, fourth, 4' 6";
Long jump: Lieser, first, 14' 8"; Bachman, second, 14' 7"; Orbeck, fourth, 14' 1";
Triple jump: Eastling, first, 31' 8"; Mayer, second, 31' 3"; Koehn, third, 30' 4"; Virant, fourth, 29' 10";
Pole vault: Bachman, first, 10' 0"; Hemmesch, second, 8' 0".

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