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Paynesville Press - April 6, 2005

Karate tournament held at PAHS on Saturday

By Michael Jacobson

Central Minnesota Karate of Paynesville hosted the Paynesville Invitational, a karate competition and demonstration at Paynesville Area High School, on Saturday afternoon. The event was believed to be the second karate tournament held in Paynesville, according to sensei Tim Kiel, chief instructor for Central Minnesota Karate.

spencer syvertson Around 75 karate enthusiasts took part in the exhibition and competition. The competition was divided into sparring (Kumite) and form (Kata). For both, participants were divided by age and ability into groups.

Spencer Syvertson (right) of Paynesville yells as he throws a punch during a sparring match on Saturday. He finished third in the youth intermediate sparring. The karate tourney had 75 participants, including 17 locals.

In sparring, competitors engaged in two-minute matches to get a full point. They could score a full point (ippon) with a single punch, kick, or strike or two half-points (wazaris). The target area was the entire torso and head. Penalties could be enacted for careless blows or for stepping out of bounds. Points were only awarded for intentional strikes, where the competitor used a strategy to score and not for accidental contacts, according to Kiel.

In form, competitors were judged by their defensive and offensive techniques with points awarded for correct preparation and execution and deducted for being off balance, off target, etc., said Kiel.

Seventeen competitors in the tournament were from the Paynes-ville area: Seth Brown, Samantha Dahl, Bryce Fischbach, J.T. Gunder-son, Tanner Kortlever, Tyler Kortlever, Noah Kubat, Nancy Land-mark, Philip Landmark-Masih, Erik Malling, David Ruprecht, John Ruprecht, Jared Spanier, Spencer Syvertson, Nathan Stang, Ben Youngs, and Lu Yorak.

Tournament Results
Kumite (Sparring)
Youth Novice: (1) Erik Malling, Paynesville; (2) Noah Kubat, Paynesville; (3) Trysten Bommersback, Sartell;

Youth Intermediate: (1) Brady Reinke, Clear Lake; (2) Zach Thompson, New London; (3) Spencer Syvertson, Paynesville;

Junior Novice: (1) Sierra Karls, Sauk Rapids; (2) Jessica Wilkinson, Water-town, S.D.; (3) Kerry Heine, Winsted;

Junior Intermediate: (1) James Vorder-bruggen, Sauk Centre; (2) Samantha Dahl, Lake Henry; (3) Brandon Hedlund, Brainerd;

Junior Advanced: (1) Caleb Buttenhoff, Baxter; (2) Ryan Brown, Becker; (3) Damien Reinke, Clear Lake;

Women Intermediate: (1) Mallory O'Keefe, Rice; (2) Katie Erickson, Baxter; (3) Katie Theis, Sauk Rapids;

Women Advanced: (1) Amanda Weyer, Sauk Rapids; (2) Lisa Frazeur, Morris; (3) Beth Chapman, Kensington;

Women Black Belt: (1) Jennifer Kiel, St. Cloud; (2) Kelly Ruter, Morris; (3) Kristyn Herbrand, Foley;

Men Intermediate: (1) Anthony Vorder-bruggen, Avon; (2) Bryce Fischbach, Paynesville; (3) Brenden Ormsby, St. Cloud;

Men Black Belt: (1) Steve Theis, Sauk Rapids; (2) Josh Theis, Sauk Rapids; (3) Joe Seifert, St. Cloud.

Kata (Form)
Youth Novice I: (1) Trysten Bommers-back, Sartell; (2) Logan Kiel, St. Joseph; (3) Erik Malling, Paynesville;

Youth Novice II: (1) Wilkinson, Water-town, S.D.; (2) Kylee Bommersback, Sartell; (3) Tony Schommer, Winsted;

Youth Intermediate I: (1) Sierra Karls, Sauk Rapids; (2) James Vorderbruggen, Sauk Centre; (3) Brittany Smith, Winsted;

Youth Intermediate II: (1) John Bates, St. Cloud; (2) Seth Brown, Paynesville; (3) Ethen Grey, Clear Lake;

Junior Intermediate: (1) Ankan Ganguly, St. Cloud; (2) Miriam Pritschet, Brainerd; (3) Ciara Pritschet, Brainerd;

Junior Advanced: (1) Austin Sivert, Lakeville; (2) Joseph Hjort, St. Cloud; (3) Damien Reinke, Clear Lake;

Adult Novice: (1) Katie Theis, Sauk Rapids; (2) Hank Whinery, Brainerd; (3) Katie Erickson, Baxter;

Adult Intermediate: (1) Anthony Vorder-bruggen, Avon; (2) Andy Korth, Morris; (3) Mallory O'Keefe, Rice;

Adult Advanced: (1) Henry Wallace, Morris; (2) Jordan Hoffman, Brainerd; (3) Bryce Fischbach, Paynesville;

Women Advanced: (1) Jennifer Kiel, St. Cloud; (2) Amanda Weyer, Sauk Rapids; (3) Kelly Ruter, Morris;

Men Black Belt: (1) Josh Theis, Sauk Rapids; (2) Steven Theis, Sauk Rapids; (3) Dave Pritschet, Brainerd.

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