Special Olympic athletes compete in basketball

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 3/28/01.

The Area 7 basketball tournament for Special Olympics was held on Saturday, March 17, at Salk Junior High School in Elk River.

Twelve Special Olympic athletes from the elementary, middle, and high school competed against athletes from the surrounding area at the event.

Local athletes included Matt Bayer, Melissa Everson, Yvette Lounsbury, Michael Naujokas, Michael Powers, Dallas Richardson, Crystal Rudy, Dustin Rudy, Danny Schultz, Josh Sturtz, Michael Sturtz, and Erica Wander.

Athletes were divided according to skill level and competed in individual skills or as a full-court team.

The following ribbons were awarded to the elementary athletes based on their appropriate division in individual skills: First Place - Melissa Everson and Josh Sturtz; Second Place - Michael Powers; and Fifth Place - Crystal Rudy.

Paynesville had one team in the full-court competition. The team, consisting of middle and high school students, played three games in their division and earned fourth place ribbons. Playing on the team were Matt Bayer, Yvette Lounsbury, Michael Naujokas, Dustin Rudy, Dallas Richardson, Danny Schutz, Michael Sturtz, and Erica Wander.

Anyone interested in more information regarding Special Olympics should contact Lori Asche at the elementary school at 320-243-3725.

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