Defending state champion ends the Stars' season

This article submitted by Chris Jacobson on 3/1/00.

The River Lakes StarsÕ season officially closed on Saturday, Feb. 19, as they played their first and last section game against the defending state champion, Roseau.

The game went as well as could be expected. Roseau is, after all, a hockey power in the state. The Stars did manage to hold the Rams to three goals in the first period. After that, Roseau scored six in the second period and four in the third.

Goalie Adam Hartfiel had 42 saves for the Stars, making for an incredible effort against the Rams.

Even though the long trip did end up in a loss, the experience is one to be remembered. Seeing the history and dedication of the players and fans, along with the incredible talent gives hope to the future for the Stars.

River Lakes--0 0 0 - 0
Roseau--3 6 4 - 13

First Period: RŠDavid Klema (Ross Miller, Roby Lundbohm); RŠRyan Fvold (Aaron Degerness); RŠLuke Erickson (Klema);
Second Period: RŠDegeneress (John Byfuglien, Fvold); RŠ Byfuglien (Fvold); RŠJosh Gran (Joe Adams); RŠCasey Thompson (Adams, Lundbohm); RŠByfuglien (Miller, Degeneress); RŠErickson (Kelma, Miller);
Third Period: RŠKelma (Parry Eidsmoe, Grahn); RŠDerek Bergstrom (Eidsmow, Mark Tveit); RŠBergstrom (Andy Evans, Miller); RŠKlema (Lundbohm).

Shots on goal: River Lakes: 7 Roseau: 55

Saves: River Lakes: Adam Hartfiel 42; Roseau: 7.

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