Stars record two shutouts

This article submitted by Chris Jacobson on 2/21/01.

The Stars ended their regular season last week with two shutout victories, giving the team a three-game winning streak to end the year and four victories in their last five games.

Against Becker at Richmond on Saturday, the Stars got their third c consecutive shutout from goalie Blake Theisen. The Stars' defense and Theisen's goaltending brought the team another victory in a low- scoring game.

Theisen made 33 saves in the contest.

Becker/Big Lake kept the Stars scoreless until the third period as well. Chris Brinkman scored the game-winning goal for the Stars, and Joe Howe put another one in to make the final score 2-0.

The Stars have gone ten periods without allowing a goal.

The Stars opened the section playoffs last night in Moorhead. If they win, the Stars will play again on Saturday afternoon. Details were not available at press time.

Becker/Big Lake--0 0 0 - 0
River Lakes--0 0 2 - 2

First Period: RL-no scoring;
Second Period: RL-no scoring;
Third Period: RL-Chris Brinkman (Chris Jacobson, Mike Stang); RL-Joe Howe.

River Lakes 1
River Lakes played Long Prairie-Grey Eagle in Long Prairie last Thursday and won 1-0.

Mike Stang scored for the Stars in the second period, and that was the only score in the game.

Once against the Stars' defense and Theisen's goaltending made a single goal enough for victory.

River Lakes--0 1 0 - 1
LPGE--0 0 0 - 0

First Period: RL-no scoring;
Second Period: RL-Mike Stang (Nick Plumbhoff);
Third Period: RL-no scoring.

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