Danceline misses chance for state

This article submitted by Erin Aagesen on 2/16/00.

Danceline The danceline placed fifth in high kick competition at the section meet last Saturday in Tracy. The first four of the seven competing teams advanced to state.

Seniors Mandi McCool and Erin Aagesen perform some high kicks.

The six competing girls danced to a mix titled, "My Love is Hot." Coach Nicole Broman felt the girls executed the dance well, but was disappointed with the final placement. "Our goal the whole year was to make it to state," she said. "Danceline is getting to be very competitive. Sometimes a loss will be due to one wrong arm placement, or a toe that isn't pointed."

Dancers were judged by six judges in five categories, including: kick technique, presentation, execution, choreography, and difficulty. Each judge tabulates their scores, then ranks the teams according to those scores. The ranks of each judge are then added together, so the team with the lowest score wins.

The Pirouettes received the highest scores in the presentation category. For this, the judges watch for energy, stamina, presence and confidence, and projection and poise.

Team scores by rank
1. YME - 7
2. New Ulm Cathedral -7.5
3. GFW - 11
4. Lac Qui Parle Valley- 16.5
5. Paynesville - 21
6. Tracy - 23
7. BDRSH - 28

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