Reiver Lakes boys win in overtime

This article submitted by Kurt Habben on 2/10/99.

The Stars played Benson last Tuesday for the third time this season, losing six to two.

The Stars went into the game seeking some production from their go-to players. What they did get came from unexpected producers.

Senior John Thompson scored a goal and assisted on the other. Thompson, along with junior Mike Losinski, normally play defense, but due to injuries the two moved up to offense.

The game was very close in the first period. The Stars let Benson know they were ready to play by giving out some very physical checks early on in the game. Jeremy Curran scored the goal, which tied the game in the first period, off Thompsonís shot.

The second period didnít bode as well for the Stars. The Stars were playing four lines, while Benson was playing two. This strategy backfired a little, though, leaving little room for error by the Stars.

Benson was able to penetrate weak points in the Starsí defense and jump to a 4-2 lead after two.

Losinski and Curran assisted on Thompsonís goal in the second.

The Stars played hard in the third, but no goals were scored. The Stars outshot Benson 26-9 in the last two periods, but Bensonís goalie was able to make some clutch saves to stymie the Stars.

Stars: 1 1 0 - 2
Benson: 1 3 2 - 6

The Stars played their most exciting game of the season Thursday night at St. Cloud, beating Sartell 5-4 in overtime.

The game was a break out game for junior Scott Fritz from Albany. Fritz had gone a few games without scoring, so his surge of two points, including the game winner, was expected from everyone.
Sartell started off the game on the right foot, though, keeping the Stars on their feet. Fritzís goal late in the first was able to tie the game at one. Brad Koultes had an assist on the play.

Early in the second period, Sartell jumped out to a 3-1 lead. Their first goal came 19 seconds into the period, and their second was off a power play.

The Stars fought back later in the period, with a great effort by Dustin Weber. Weber skated to a break away, putting the shot on net. Brett Theisen followed the play and put the rebound in.

The Stars next goal came off an interesting penalty. Fritz and a Sartell player were tangled up, when the Sartell player started throwing punches. The officials tried to separate the two as soon as they saw the altercation, but two officials and five minutes were needed to calm down the Sartell player, who kept trying to get away and fight. The Sartell player was ejected from the game.

Ryan Mackedanz scored the power play goal with assists from Curran and Theisen.

Sartell was able to take another quick lead in the third, scoring just 18 seconds into the period. Theisen, with assists from Eric Habben and Mackedanz, was able to tie the game once more and to send it into overtime.

The overtime was set for eight minutes and the Stars werenít able to score until the six-minute mark. Fritz scored by crashing the net after a Koultes shot.

The Stars were able to sweep the season series with Sartell.

Stars: 1 2 1 1 - 5
Sartell: 1 2 1 0- 4

The Stars then played Worthington at home Saturday, losing a very close game 2-1.

The game was easily senior goalie John Mantheiís best game of the year. In the first two periods, Manthei had, at least, five two-on-ones and best of all, a three-on-zero.

The spectacular play occurred when both Star defensemen got caught trying to hold the blue line. Three Trojan players skated into the zone, but Manthei was able to intercept the pass, tip it to himself, and freeze the play.

The Starsís evaluation of themselves after the first period was that they had played very badly and were only in the game due to Mantheiís great play. The team looked to improve in the second period.

The Stars skated much better in the second period, putting two pucks into the net. Unfortunately, a single official waived off both goals, citing he could not see how the puck entered the net. The same official waived off a Starís goal in the first Delano game.

The Stars had many more chances to score, including a break away by Dustin Looman, but the shots were stopped by the Worthington goalie, so the score remained tied at zero after two periods.

Worthington came out hard in the third, scoring just 22 seconds into the period with some great passes. While there could have been better defense on the Starís part, it would have taken an extraordinary effort to stop the goal.

The Trojans were able to score again in the period when a Star defenseman misplayed a three-on-two, leaving for an open, point-blank shot.

The Stars pummeled the Trojan goalie with shots over the last minutes of the game, but none went in until Theisen was able to tip a Looman shot from the top of the circles with three seconds left.

The Stars then tried to get a shot off with the little time, but the effort proved fruitless.

The Starsí record is now 5-14. Their next game is Thursday at home against Sauk Centre at 6:45 p.m.

Stars: 0 0 1 - 1
Worthington: 0 0 2 - 2

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