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Paynesville Press - February 9, 2005

Gymnasts score 120, reach team goal in win

By Michael Jacobson

Kayla doing flip The Bulldogs gymnastics team reached their season goal of scoring 120 points as a team at their last home meet on Friday against Ortonville at the Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds. The Dogs scored 120.575 and easily defeated Ortonville.

Junior Kayla Nelso completes a flip during a tumbling run in her floor exercise on Friday night. She was second on the beam - a personal best score - and third on the floor.

"We reached our two goals set at the beginning of the year," said coach Deb Nehowig. "The team hit the 120 mark for the first time since January 2001. We also wanted to average 115 for the season and, with the conference meet and the section meet to come, we have averaged 115.6 thus far."

"I was certainly proud of the girls. It's so rewarding as a coach to reach a goal that was set at the beginning of the season in November, and to do so, on the last regular meet of the season," said Nehowig.

The Dogs scored 32.225 on the vault, 30.45 on the beam, 30.4 on the floor, and 27.5 on the bars.

"I can't remember the last time we have hit 30 on the beam," said Nehowig. "I checked my records dating back to 1999, and I never came across 30 on beam. The girls just had a great night! Kacy (Nehowig), Christine (Spanier), and Kayla (Nelson) each had no-fall beam routines."

Nelson, a junior, actually had a personal best of 8.0 on the beam, taking second to sophomore Kacy Nehowig, who won all four events and the all around with a score of 33.55.

Eighth grader Anna Kotten was second on three events and third on the beam (only beaten by Nehowig and Nelson) and second in the all around.

Nehowig, Kotten, and Nelson gave the Dogs a 1-2-3 sweep on both the beam and floor, with Nelson third on the floor in addition to second on the beam.

Cassey Lund on vault The Dogs also had a 1-2-3 sweep on the uneven bars, with Nehowig, Kotten, and sophomore Brittney Spanier taking the top three spots.

On the vault, the Dogs went 1-2-4-5 with Nehowig and Kotten taking the top two spots and ninth grader Cassey Lund and Spanier taking fourth and fifth.

Ninth grader Cassey Lund propels herself over the vault on Friday night. She placed fourth on the vault with a score of 7.625.

Ninth grader Christine Spanier also was fifth on the floor, in addition to her no-fall beam routine.

This week, the Dogs will compete at the West Central Conference meet at Benson on Saturday, Feb. 12, starting at 1 p.m.


Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig (1) 8.7; Anna Kotten (2) 8.4; Cassey Lund (4) 7.625; Brittney Spanier (5) 7.5; Tanis Beireis 7.4; TOTAL: Pay - 32.225; Ort - 29.1;

Uneven bars: Nehowig (1) 8.3; Kotten (2) 7.9; Spanier (3) 6.35; Beireis 4.95; Abby Lindeman 4.95; TOTAL: Pay - 27.5; Ort - 21.8;

Balance beam: Nehowig (1) 8.3; Kayla Nelson (2) 8.0; Kotten (3) 7.3; Christine Spanier 6.85; Celia Frieler 6.55; TOTAL: Pay - 30.45; Ort - 27.1;

Floor: Nehowig (1) 8.25; Kotten (2) 8.05; Nelson (3) 7.35; Christine Spanier (5) 6.75; Lund 6.2; TOTAL: Pay - 30.4; Ort - 25.9;

All around: Nehowig (1) 33.55; Kotten (2) 31.65.

Annandale 134.425, Paynesville 119.35
Lindeman on uneven bars The Dogs lost to a strong team from Annandale 134.425 to 119.35 on Tuesday, Feb. 1, at home.

The Cardinals outscored the Dogs on each apparatus by a couple points or more.

The Dogs, though, came within 0.65 of a point of their season goal to score 120 team points.

Senior Abby Lindeman smiles after sucessfully completing a move on the uneven bars on Friday.

Eighth grader Anna Kotten had career highs on the floor (8.55), on the uneven bars (8.35), and in the all around (32.125) for the Dogs. She tied for second on the bars with teammate Kacy Nehowig, and she placed fifth on the floor, vault, and all around.

Nehowig, a sophomore, was second on the vault and tied for second on the bars. She placed fourth on the floor with a season-high routine, fifth on the beam (as Annandale swept the top four places), and third in the all around.

No one else placed for the Dogs against Annandale, but ninth grader Christine Spanier did have a career high on the floor (7.0), too.


Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig (2) 8.425; Anna Kotten (5) 8.1; Cassey Lund 7.35; Brittney Spanier 7.2; Tanis Beireis 6.7; TOTAL: Pay - 31.075; Ann - 33.6;

Uneven bars: Nehowig (2) 8.35; Kotten (2) 8.35; Beireis 5.975; Brittney Spanier 5.725; Abby Lindeman 4.85; TOTAL: Pay - 28.4; Ann - 32.35;

Balance beam: Nehowig (5) 7.7; Kotten 7.125; Nelson 7.1; Celia Frieler 5.95; Christine Spanier 5.55; TOTAL: Pay - 27.875; Ann - 33.3;

Floor: Nehowig (4) 8.7; Kotten (5) 8.55; Nelson 7.4; Lund 7.35; Christine Spanier 7.0; TOTAL: Pay - 32.0; Ann - 35.175;

All around: Nehowig (3) 33.175; Kotten (5) 32.125.

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