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Paynesville Press - February 8, 2006

Gymnasts defeat Ortonville on Friday

By Michael Jacobson

The Bulldogs gymnastics team earned their third win of the season on Friday night, traveling to Ortonville and defeating the Trojans 117.2 to 110.05.

Junior Kacy Nehowig won the vault, uneven bars, and the all-around competition, and ninth grader Anna Kotten won the balance beam and floor exercise and took second in the all around.

The Dogs defeated the Trojans on all four apparatuses: 32.8 to 32.05 on vault, 26.75 to 21.35 on bars, 28.15 to 28.1 on beam, and 29.5 to 28.55 on the floor. The five-point victory on the bars proved key in the seven-point match victory. The Dogs added another point on the floor, nearly a point on vault, and just edged the Trojans by five hundreths of a point on the beam.

Nehowig won the vault (8.65), the bars (8.5), and the all around (33.0). She placed second on the beam (7.95) and the floor (7.9).

Kotten won the beam (8.1) and the floor (7.95), placed second on the bars (7.45) and in the all around (31.8), and took third on the vault (8.3).

Other placers for Paynesville were: junior Brittney Spanier (fourth on the bars, 6.7, and fifth in the all around, 26.45); senior Kayla Nelson (fifth on the beam, 6.6, and fifth on the floor, 7.25); and seventh grader Megan Wuertz (fifth on the vault, 8.0).

The victory improved the Dogs' season record to 3-12.

This week, the Dogs will compete in the West Central Conference meet at Long Prairie on Saturday, Feb. 11, starting at 12 noon.


Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig (1) 8.65; Anna Kotten (3) 8.3; Megan Wuertz (5) 8.0; Brittney Spanier 7.85; TOTAL: Pay - 32.8; Ort - 32.05;

Uneven bars: Nehowig (1) 8.5; Kotten (2) 7.45; Spanier (4) 6.7; Wuertz 4.1; Caitlyn Gottwald 3.15; TOTAL: Pay - 26.75; Ort- 21.35;

Balance beam: Kotten (1) 8.1; Nehowig (2) 7.95; Kayla Nelson (5) 6.6; Spanier 5.5; Wuertz 5.25; TOTAL: Pay - 28.15; Ort - 28.1;

Floor: Kotten (1) 7.95; Nehowig (2) 7.9; Nelson (5) 7.25; Spanier 6.4; Wuertz 5.85; TOTAL: Pay - 29.5; Ort - 28.55;

All around: Nehowig (1) 33.0; Kotten (2) 31.8; Spanier (5) 26.45; Wuertz 23.2.

Melrose 142.725, Paynesville 120.375
The Bulldogs topped 120 points for the fourth straight meet but lost to the state-rated Melrose Dutchmen 142.725-120.375 on Thursday.

The Dogs, in scoring 120.375, reached 120 points for the fourth straight meet. Scoring 120 points was the Dogs' team goal for the season.

Against the Dutchmen, rated #7 in Class A, the Dogs only had two placers. Ninth grader Anna Kotten was third on the uneven bars (8.225), and fifth in the all around (32.825). Junior Kacy Nehowig was fourth on the balance beam (8.1) and fourth in the all around (32.85).

Melrose swept the top five placings on both the floor exercise and the vault. They beat the Dogs by six points on the bars, beam, and floor and by four points on the vault.

Highlights for the Dogs included personal bests for junior Celia Frieler on the balance beam (7.35), junior Brittney Spanier on the floor exercise (7.35), and seventh grader Megan Wuertz on the floor exercise (6.25). Wuertz added a back-handspring, back-tuck to her floor routine.

Kotten also added a new skill on the bars, putting two high superior giants on the high bar.

"She has a great routine with her giants in there," said coach Deb Nehowig. "Now she has to perfect it and eliminate some of the execution errors in her giants, and she will score well with this routine."

Frieler, Spanier, and Wuertz all competed in the all around, with Spanier placing sixth and Frieler seventh. Wuertz competed in the varsity all around for the first time.


Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig 8.7; Anna Kotten 8.4; Brittney Spanier 7.95; Megan Wuertz 7.85; Celia Frieler 7.65; TOTAL: Pay - 32.9; Mel - 36.725;

Uneven bars: Kotten (3) 8.225; Nehowig 7.7; Spanier 6.7; Frieler 4.6; Wuertz 4.225; TOTAL: Pay - 27.225; Mel - 33.075;

Balance beam: Nehowig (4) 8.1; Kotten 7.65; Frieler 7.35; Spanier 6.15; Wuertz 5.95; TOTAL: Pay - 29.25; Mel - 35.3;

Floor: Kotten 8.55; Nehowig 8.35; Spanier 7.35; Frieler 6.7; Wuertz 6.25; TOTAL: Pay - 31.0; Mel - 37.625;

All around: Nehowig (4) 32.85; Kotten (5) 32.825; Spanier 28.15; Frieler 26.35; Wuertz 24.275.

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