Bullogs take second at quad

This article submitted by Mandy Mayer on 2/07/01.

The Bulldogs traveled to Kimball on Saturday, Jan. 27, for a quadrangular. Their opponents were Kimball, Maple Lake, and Morris.

Paynesville gymnasts tried their hardest but ended up taking second place. The scores were Maple Lake 122.4, Paynesville 115.95, Kimball 115.25, and Morris 108.15.

Kelli Fenske was the only Bulldog to place on the vault. She scored an 8.45, putting her in fourth place.

On the uneven bars, Mandy Mayer was the only Paynesville gymnast who placed. She scored a 7.5 for fourth place. Paynesville's total bar score was 27.

On the balance beam, all of the girls had nice routines but no Bulldog was able to place.

On the floor exercise once again no Bulldog was able to place. Paynesville's floor score was 28.9.

In the all-around competition Michelle Wolbeck took fifth place with a 28.6 and Joy Hemmesch came in third with a 30.15.

Maple Lake - 122.40
Paynesville - 115.95
Kimball - 115.25
Morris - 108.15

Vault: Rachel Koehn 8.1; Amy Mueller 8.2; Joy Hemmesch 8.3; Kelli Fenske (4) 8.45; TOTAL 33.05.

Uneven bars: Christina Hittle 5.5; Wolbeck 6.8; Hemmesch 7.2; Mandy Mayer (4) 7.5; TOTAL 27.

Balance beam: Tessa Miller 6.4; Wolbeck 6.6; Hemmesch 6.95; Koehn 7.05; TOTAL 27.

Floor: Fenske 7.0; Koehn 7.0; Wolbeck 7.2; Hemmesch 7.7; TOTAL 28.90.

All around: Mueller 26.4; Wolbeck (5) 28.6; Hemmesch (3) 30.15.

Melrose 145.5,
Paynesville 119.35

The Bulldogs, despite scoring very well, lost to a talented team from Melrose on Thursday, February 1. The scores were Melrose 145.5 and Paynesville 119.35.

The Bulldogs started out on the uneven bars. All of the girls put in great effort but nobody was able to place. Paynesville's total bar score was 28.55, compared to the Dutchmen's 35.55.

In the vault competition, Kelli Fenske took fourth place. Her score was 8.55.

Nobody from Paynesville was able to place on the floor exercise either. Once again, they tried hard but Melrose shut them out.

The balance beam was the last event of the night for Paynesville. Joy Hemmesch was the closest to placing. She had a 7.8 and the fifth place gymnast had an 8.3.

In the all-around competition Hemmesch placed fifth with a 31.55.

The loss gave Paynesville a regular season record of eight wins and six losses. Three of those losses were by a total of less than 5.8 points.

The Bulldogs will compete in the West Central Conference champion-ship meet on Saturday at KMS High School in Kerkhoven. The meet is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. in the high school gymnasium.

Vault: Amy Mueller 7.85; Michelle Wolbeck 8.05; Joy Hemmesch 8.45; Kelli Fenske (4) 8.55; TOTAL 32.9.

Uneven bars: Rachel Koehn 6.6; Mandy Mayer 6.8; Wolbeck 7.2; Hemmesch 7.95; TOTAL 28.55.

Balance beam: Mueller 6.65; Wolbeck 7.0; Koehn 7.6; Hemmesch 7.8; TOTAL 29.05.

Floor: Fenske 6.9; Mueller 7.15; Koehn 7.25; Hemmesch 7.55; TOTAL 28.85.

All around: Koehn 28.75; Wolbeck 29.05; Hemmesch (5) 31.55.

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