Dogs get first conference win

This article submitted by Sara Lieser on 2/07/01.

On Friday, Feb. 2, the Bulldogs found just what they have been searching for with a win over the Melrose Dutchmen. The 59-45 victory was their first conference victory.

They also showed their parents how they could play on Parent's Night.

Senior guard Mel Veldkamp scored five points against Melrose.

In the first half, both teams played aggressively. Both teams scored 14 points in the first quarter, but the Dogs outscored the Dutchmen in the second quarter by four points.

The second half was quite a bit different. The Dogs came out with fire. They outscored the Dutchmen by four points in the third quarter, and by six in the fourth quarter to pull off a 59-45 win.

Steph Krupke led the team with 19 points and five steals.

Krupke and Stacy Lieser both had six assists.

The Dogs played very well. They played good defense, and worked well as a team.

The Bulldogs will play at Litch-field on Thursday, with the B-squad starting at 6:15 p.m., and at Long Prairie-Grey Eagle on Friday. The make-up game at LPGE will have an earlier than usual start, with the B-squad playing at 5 p.m. and the varsity starting around 6:15 p.m.

Next week, the Dogs play at New London-Spicer on Monday and host Sauk Centre on Tuesday.

Melrose--14 10 13 8 - 45
Paynesville--14 14 17 14 - 59

Melrose 45 - Jill Kimman 17; Paula Klaphake 8; Steph Lieser 7; Dacia Meyer 6; Jen Inderrieden 3; Cassie Schlangen 2; Kristie Niehaus 2; TOTALS: FG 20, FT 2/13, 3's 3.

Paynesville 59 - Steph Krupke 8-3/8-19; Stacy Lieser 5-0/0-13; Crystal Humbert 2-0/0-4; Heidi Jansen 3-0/0-6; Lisa Hemingson 1-0/0-2; Mel Veldkamp 2-1/2-5; Katrina Orbeck 0-1/4-1; Hannah Braun 0-1/2-1; Ashley Wall 4-0/0-8; TOTALS: FG 25/62, FT 6/16.

STATISTICS: 3-pointers - Lieser 3; Rebounds - 30 Mindy Meagher 7; Krupke 6; Assists - 20 Krupke 6; Lieser 6; Steals - 12 Krupke 5; Blocks - 4 Veldkamp 2.

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