River Lakes boys suffer two losses

This article submitted by Kurt Habben on 2/4/99.

The Stars played great hockey for two periods last Thursday, but one horrendous period turned the game into a blowout.

The Stars lost to Litchfield 11-4 at Litchfield.

Dustin Looman started the game out with a goal on a penalty kill. Jeremy Curran assisted him on the play.

Later in the first period, the Stars were able to capitalize on a Dragon penalty. The goal occurred when Curran passed to Looman, who then shot the puck over toBrett Theisen, who was wide open in the slot. Theisen slammed home the goal with a quick shot.

Again the Dragons were able to score right after the Stars scored. The period then ended with the game tied 2-2.

The second period of the Litchfield game was one the Stars would like to forget. Litchfieldís offense, which consisted of their forwards flying through the slot, opened up what was a close game.

The Stars lone goal of the period came after the seven-goal burst by Litchfield. Looman scored at the blue line with a very hard slapshot. Brad Koultes assisted him on the play.

The third period was very close, but it was nearly impossible for the Stars to overcome the six-goal deficit.

The Stars were able to score once in the period on a power play. Theisen scored, with assists from Curran and Nathan Becker.

Stars: 2 1 1 - 4
Litchfield: 2 7 2 - 11

The same problem-only playing two good periods of hockey, which caused the loss to Litchfield-also lost the teamís next game at Marshall.

The Stars lost to Marshall 4-0 on Saturday, following a first period which saw the Stars only record three shots on goal.

Even though the Starsí offense wasnít effective in the first period, the teamís defense was.

Goalie John Manthei played an incredible game. In the first period, he made many difficult saves.

Marshallís two goals in the period came off power plays. The first goal occurred when a Marshall player skated untouched through the slot, making for an easy goal.

The second goal came after a Marshall player screened Manthei, who was then unable to see the incoming shot.

The Stars awoke from their daze in the second period very much still in the game.

All three of the Starsí lines hammered away at the Marshall goalie, but no one was able to score.

The Stars suffered a critical loss in the second when Looman had to leave the game with a hurt arm. Without Looman, the team knew it had to try extra hard to score.

Marshall managed to add one more goal in the second when a loose puck in front of the net deflected off a Star and went into the net.

The Stars came out very fired up in the third. Still, the Marshall goalie would not surrender a goal.

Marshall was able to add another goal during the last few minutes of the game, when the Stars were concentrating on scoring a goal.

Stars: 0 0 0 - 0
Marshall: 2 1 1 - 4

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