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Paynesville Press - January 29, 2003

Gymnasts lose to Annandale, top Sauk

By Mandy Mayer

The Paynesville gymnasts had a very busy schedule last week. They held two home meets and on Saturday they traveled to Kimball for a five-team meet.

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, the Dogs' meet against Annandale did not go well. The Bulldogs lost 126.025-110.95.

Ashley Spanier, vault - photo by Mike Jacobson The Dogs did not beat Annandale on a single event. Annandale scored a 32.7 on floor where the Bulldogs scored 28.05. On beam, Annandale had a 30.85 and the Bulldogs had a 25.9. On the uneven bars, Annandale had a 30.875 and Paynesville had 27.025. The final event was vault,where Annandale had 31.6 and the Dogs had 29.975.

Ninth grader Ashley Spanier earned a score of 8.1 on the vault last week.

Eighth grader Kacy Nehowig had the best night for the Bulldogs. She placed in every event: fifth on beam, fourth on floor, second on bars, and first on vault, which put her first in the all-around competition as well.

Senior Mandy Mayer was the only other Bulldog to place. Mayer placed fourth on the balance beam, and fifth on vault.

This week, the Bulldogs traveled to Benson on Tuesday, and they will hold their parent's night at a home meet against Ortonville on Friday night at the gymnasium at the Lake Koronis Assembly Grounds.


Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig, first, 8.6; Mandy Meyer, fifth, 7.7; Ashley Spanier, 7.1; Celia Frieler, 6.575; TOTAL: Pay - 29.975; Ann - 31.6;
Uneven bars: Nehowig, second, 8.275; Mayer, 7.0; Ashley Karger, 6.4; Abby Lindeman, 5.35; TOTAL: Pay - 27.025; Ann - 30.875;
Balance beam: Mayer, fourth, 7.45; Nehowig, fifth, 7.4; Kayla Nelson, 5.75; Cassey Lund, 5.3; TOTAL: Pay - 25.9; Ann - 30.85;
Floor: Nehowig, fourth, 8.05; Karger 6.85; Spanier, 6.75; Nelson, 6.4; TOTAL: Pay - 28.05; Ann - 32.7;
All around: Nehowig, first, 32.325.

Paynesville 118.575, Sauk Centre 117.8
Kayla Nelson, balance beam - photo by Mike Jacobson The Bulldogs had a great night on Thursday, beating Sauk Centre 118.575-117.8. Paynesville scored their season high, which was a great accomplishment with some junior varsity gymnasts performing at the varsity level.

Coach Deb Nehowig was proud of the girls for doing so well. "That is very rewarding for a coach," she said.

Ninth grader Kayla Nelson scored 6.9 on the balance beam to help the Bulldogs defeat Sauk Centre by less than a point.

The Bulldogs beat Sauk Centre in every event except the floor exercise where Paynesville was almost two points behind. The third and fourth gymnasts really had to pull off solid routines because the meet was so close.

Three girls had a total of four personal bests against Sauk Centre.

Eighth grader Kacy Nehowig won the all-around competition with solid performances on every piece of equipment. She placed first on vault, scoring an 8.95, which is her personal best. She also placed first on bars, second on the balance beam, and second on floor.

Sophomore Ashley Karger had her personal best in the all-around competition, where she almost reached 30 and received fourth place. She was fourth on floor, fourth on beam, fifth on bars, and she also had her personal best on vault, where she placed third.

Eighth grader Celia Frieler scored a 6.7 on floor, which was her personal best.

Senior Mandy Mayer also had a steady night. She placed fifth on beam, fifth on vault, and third on the uneven bars.

Sauk Centre--117.8

Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig, first, 8.95; Ashley Karger, third, 8.4; Mandy Mayer, fifth, 8.15; Ashley Spanier, 8.1; TOTAL: Pay - 33.6; SC - 32.95;
Uneven bars: Nehowig, first, 8.4; Mayer, third, 7.15; Karger, fifth, 6.9; Abby Lindeman, 5.15; TOTAL: Pay - 27.6; SC - 26.85;
Balance beam: Nehowig, second, 7.5; Karger, fourth, 7.1; Mayer, fifth, 7.075; Kayla Nelson, 6.9; TOTAL: Pay - 28.575; SC - 27.7;
Floor: Nehowig, second, 7.9; Karger, fourth, 7.5; Nelson, 6.7; Celia Frieler, 6.7; TOTAL: Pay - 28.8; SC - 30.3;
All around: Nehowig, first, 32.75; Karger, fourth, 29.9.

Kimball Meet
The Bulldogs had their last meet of the week at Kimball on Saturday. The Dogs took fourth out of five teams. The meet was strictly varsity gymnasts.

The final results were: St. Cloud Apollo, 120.050; Maple Lake, 119.375; Osseo, 109.425; Paynesville, 104.65; and Kimball, 97.475.

The Bulldogs got psyched out by Kimball's floor, which wasn't a spring floor, scoring only 22.95 as a team, and had a tough time getting back into the meet.

Eighth grader Kacy Nehowig placed fourth in the vault competition, where she only got an 8.2 but deserved much higher. She also placed fourth on the balance beam, second on the bars, and fourth in the all-around competition.

No other Bulldog placed in any event.

Team scores
1. St. Cloud Apollo 120.050
2. Maple Lake 119.375
3. Osseo 109.425
4. Paynesville 104.65
5. Kimball 97.475

Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig, fourth, 8.2; Ashley Karger, 7.7; Mandy Mayer, 7.4; Ashley Spanier, 7.35; TOTAL: Pay - 30.65;
Balance beam: Nehowig, fourth, 7.3; Mayer, 6.4; Kayla Nelson, 5.85; Karger, 5.5; Cassey Lund 5.5; TOTAL: Pay - 25.05;
Uneven bars: Nehowig, second, 8.35; Mayer, 6.9; Karger, 6.55; Abby Lindeman, 4.2; TOTAL: Pay - 26.0;
Floor: Nehowig, 7.0; Spanier, 6.0; Katie Nelson, 5.65; Celia Frieler, 4.3; TOTAL: Pay - 22.95;
All around: Nehowig, fourth, 30.85.

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