Gymnasts lose by a tenth of a point

This article submitted by Jenni Mayer on 1/26/00.

On Tuesday, Jan. 18, the Bulldog gymnastics team was defeated by LPGE by a very small margin, 119.65-119.55.

The host Bulldogs started the night out on the vault competition. Michelle Wolbeck vaulted an 8.25 for fifth place. Earning third place for the Bulldogs was Jenni Mayer with a score of 8.4. Joy Hemmesch placed second with an 8.45.

Next the girls moved to the uneven bars. They all had very nice routines. Hemmesch placed fourth with a 7.3. Swinging into second with a 7.55 was Krysta Larson.

The Bulldog gymnasts then moved on to the beam competition. The girls all did very well and scored very high but only two of them placed. Rachel Koehn earned fourth place with a 7.4. Placing second with a score of 7.65 was Larson.

The last event of the night for the Bulldogs was the floor exercise. Koehn placed fifth with a 7.25. Earning fourth place with a score of 7.35 was Larson. Tumbling into first place was Hemmesch with a 7.85 and a great routine.

In the all-around competition, Wolbeck had 28.15 but did not place. Larson placed second with a 30.7. Earning first was Hemmesch with a 30.75.

LPGE-119.65 Paynesville-119.55

Litchfield 127.95
Paynesville 116.20
The Bulldog gymnasts also had a meet on Friday at Litchfield. The Bulldogs were defeated 127.95-116.20.

Their bar routines looked great. There was some new stuff added in them so they were very interesting and fun to watch. Joy Hemmesch was the only one placing from Paynesville. She earned fifth place with a 7.1.

Next the girls moved to the vault competition. The vaults were very strong and tight. All of the gymnasts did well. Jenni Mayer placed fourth with an 8.5. Hemmesch earned second with an 8.7.

On to the floor exercise, none of the gymnasts placed but they all had nice routines. There were a lot of new skills added in each routine which made them look even better than before.

The last event of the evening for the Bulldogs was the beam competition. The gymnasts had a little bit of trouble on beam but had very nice routines.

In the all-around competition, Michelle Wolbeck placed third with a 28.4. Earning second was Hemmesch with a score of 30.15.

Paynesville- 116.20 Litchfield-127.95

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