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Paynesville Press - January 21, 2003

Gymnasts take second at triangular

By Michael Jacobson

Ashley poses on the floor exercise The Bulldogs gymnastics team took second at their triangular meet on Tuesday, Jan. 13. Maple Lake took first, and Howard Lake-Waverly took third.

Maple Lake won each event and scored 119.85 for first place. The Bulldogs were second in each event and scored 111.9. Howard Lake-Waverly scored only 61.45 for third.

Ninth grader Kacy Nehowig took first place on two events - on the uneven bars and on the beam - and won the all-around competition. She scored 8.05, her highest of the season, on the beam.

Junior Ashley Spanier score 7.2 on the floor exercise against Melrose.

Nehowig also placed second on the vault and third on the floor.

Other gymnasts to place for the Bulldogs were seventh grader Anna Kotten, fourth on the floor, fifth on the uneven bars, and fourth in the all around, and ninth grader Celia Frieler, fifth on the balance beam.

The Bulldogs have no meets scheduled for this week. Next week, they will host Benson on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Maple Lake--119.85
Howard Lake-Waverly --61.45

Individual Results
Vault: Kacy Nehowig (2) 8.6; Anna Kotten 7.9; Brittney Spanier 7.6; Ashley Spanier 7.45; Cassey Lund 7.05; TOTAL: ML - 33.2; Pay - 31.55; HL-W - 25.45;
Uneven bars: Nehowig (1) 8.6; Kotten (5) 7.2; Brittney Spanier 5.7; Abby Lindeman 5.0l Celia Frieler 3.7; TOTAL: ML - 28.7; Pay - 26.5; HL-W - 10.85;
Balance beam: Nehowig (1) 8.05; Frieler (5) 6.45; Kotten 6.3; Christine Spanier 6.3; Lindeman 5.05; TOTAL: ML - 28.4; Pay - 26.2; HL-W - 14.65;
Floor: Nehowig (3) 7.35; Kotten (4) 7.3; Ashley Spanier 6.65; Frieler 6.35; Lindeman 6.2275; TOTAL: ML - 29.55; Pay - 27.65; HL-W - 10.5;
All around: Nehowig (1) 32.6; Kotten (4) 28.7.

Melrose 141.3, Paynesville 115.175
The Bulldogs lost to state-rated Melrose 141.3-115.175 on Thursday, despite scoring a season high, topping the 113.5 they scored in their season opener in December.

Junior Katie Nelson on beam The Bulldogs scored 33.675 on the vault, their high for the season, and scored 30.25 on the floor exercise, breaking 30 for the second time this season. Each gymnast recorded a season high on the vault, according to coach Deb Nehowig, and seventh grader Anna Kotten and ninth grader Brittney Spanier had career highs.

Junior Kate Nelson focuses on the beam during her routine last week.

Melrose had their biggest scoring differentials on the uneven bars and balance beam, beating Paynesville on bars by nearly nine points and on beam by nearly ten points. "We need to work harder on getting our bars and beam scores higher," said Nehowig.

Only Kacy Nehowig placed for the Bulldogs on individual events, taking third on bars and fifth on the vault and floor. She also was fifth in the all-around competition, despite coming within one point of the school record in the all around. Nehowig scored 33.15 in the all around; the record is 34.15, set by Sara Spanier in 1995.

Kotten placed fifth in the all around, coming within a half point of scoring 30 points, which is coach Nehowig's goal for her this season.


Individual Results
Vault: Nehowig (5) 8.95; Kotten 8.475; Ashley Spanier 8.15; Brittney Spanier 8.1; Lindeman 7.6; TOTAL: Pay - 33.675; Mel - 37.225;
Uneven bars: Nehowig (3) 8.45; Kotten 6.95; Brittney Spanier 5.65; Lindeman 4.85; Frieler 4.25; TOTAL: Pay - 25.9; Mel - 34.5;
Balance beam: Nehowig 7.45; Frieler 6.9; Kotten 6.2; Christine Spanier 4.8; Katie Nelson 4.05; TOTAL: Pay - 25.35; Mel - 34.05;
Floor: Nehowig (5) 8.3; Kotten 7.9; Ashley Spanier 7.2; Frieler 6.85; Nelson 5.85; TOTAL: Pay - 30.25; Mel - 36.125;
All around: Nehowig (4) 33.15; Kotten (5) 29.525.

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