7th graders end basketball season

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 1/19/99.

bb team The seventh grade girlís basketball team ended their season recently with an 18-11 record.

ďThe girls showed marked improve-ment over the season and played well against some tough competition,Ē Coach Jackie Campbell said. ďThe girls worked hard at developing their skills and played well together as a team.Ē

One of the highlights of the season was the Minnewaska tournament. The team played six games and won four of the six. The two they lost were only by one point. This was with a group of only 10 players that day.

Coach Campbell thanks the team for their dedication and positive attitudes throughout the season. She also thanks the parents and fans for helping cheer on the team.

Team members were: Laura Haagenson, Peggy Thompson, Bridgette Johnson, Heather Hammond, Jessica Paul, Amy Roberg, Amanda Glenz, Stephanie Nosbush, Trisha Wendlandt, Alisa Schmidt, RaeAnn Knisley, Jessica Virant, and Julie Stockholm.

The girlís season ended with a banquet at Jimmyís where awards and certificates were presented.

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