Girls lose battle for second place

This article submitted by Tanya Lieser on 1/19/00.

On Thursday, the Bulldogs headed to Litchfield to face the Dragons. This was a very important game because both teams were tied for second place in the conference. The Bulldogs played well, but couldn't pull off the win. The Dragons won 40-34.

Paynesville's goal was to play excellent defense and stop the Rambow sisters. They achieved half their goal by allowing Carin Rambow to score only four points, 18 below her average. Krista Rambow, however, scored 13 points against Paynesville's triangle-and-two defense. Both teams were held to 12 field goals.

"We played good defense, but that doesn't matter if we don't execute the rest of the game," said coach Pat Deegan.

The Bulldogs allowed only one point in the second quarter, and went into halftime with a 17-9 lead.

With the defense that the Bulldogs were playing, they had poor rebounding positions, which allowed the Dragons to get many put backs off of rebounds. Paynesville's lead was slowly fading. By the end of the third quarter, the Bulldogs were only ahead by one, 24-23.

The Dragons took control in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Bulldogs 17-10.

For the game, Litchfield shot 22 free throws to the Bulldogs' nine. Twelve of Litchfield's free throws came in the fourth quarter. The final score was 40-34.

Leading the Bulldogs was Carin Frenchick with 10 points and five steals. Tanya Lieser added 15 rebounds.

Paynesville--6 11 7 10 - 34
Litchfield--8 1 14 17 - 40

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