Girls hockey team splits games last week

This article submitted by Courtney Karsch on 1/13/99.

After traveling to Blaine for the Holiday Cup and ending with a great third place, the River Lakes Stars girlís varsity hockey team was fired up for the tough competition against the unde-feated Benson Braves. The game was held in Benson on Tuesday, Jan. 5. A win wasnít in the cards as the girls lost 5-2.

The Stars knew what was ahead of them after Blaine, so they had practiced really hard and were fired up.

The first period went well. It was a very tough period. It was also neck and neck throughout the whole period, then Benson scored their first goal with eight minutes left in the period. The Stars realized this was just one goal and they could get it back. That is what they did. Kari Turkowski scored the Starís first goal of the game. Her goal was assisted by Missy Sieben. The period ended with a tied score, 1-1.

The second period was very tough for both the teams, especially in the beginning and in the middle of the period. Benson scored two more goals which put them in a good position, finishing the second period with a score of Braves 3 and the Stars 1.

The Stars still wanted to keep up the competition and they still had that fight in them. They skated hard and played defense. Within three minutes, in the middle of the period, Benson had scored two goals in a row. The Stars now wanted to finish strong and play hard.

With five minutes left in the period, Melissa Jungles shot and scored off a Benson playerís skate to end the game with a 5-2 loss.

Long Prairie-Gray Eagle
The Stars traveled to Long Prairie on Thursday, Jan. 7. Coming into this game with a loss behind them, the Stars were fired up and ready to win., which they did by a score of 5-2.

The first period started out slow for both teams. There were some good passes towards the end of the first period. That is what scored the Stars first goal by Jenny Habben. She was in the right place at the right time. This was the only goal scored in that period.

In the second period, the Stars knew that they had to pick it up and play harder if they wanted to win the game. That is what happened. They skated harder, passed more frequently, and were starting to have fun as well. This was a good period for Long Prairie, though. They scored two goals in this period and unfortunately for them, their only two goals. To catch up with them, the Stars were starting to play great and with that, Turkowski scored two goals within six minutes of each other.

Even though the Stars were in the lead, they still had to play their positions and play hard as well. With Jessie Simon now in goal, every player on the River Lakes team was doing really well. With everyone playing great, the Stars scored another goal, which was scored by Jungles. To end the third period, Natalie Rinn scored her goal of the game, ending the period with a score of 5-2.

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