Danceline does Jazz/Funk routine

This article submitted by Cyndi Bollman on 1/10/00.

Jazz/funk routine The Jazz\Funk routine seemed to be a success for the Paynesville Pirouettes last Friday night. After only two weeks of practicing the routine, with the Christmas vacation interrupting, the team members did very well. They were together on their moves and seemed to enjoy themselves.

They were a bit nervous at Thursday's practice, but they all promised that they would come to Friday's game at 5 p.m. to practice before hand if coach, Rebecca Hoey, would let them dance. "I was worried about the girls not meeting previously set expectations. I wouldn't want them to get a bad name after they've looked so well dancing in front of the home crowd," stated coach Hoey.

The team members were a bit anxious to dance and they started to show it while practicing in the middle school gymnasium before halftime. They acted a bit strange but seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"We were a bit stressed and it was fun to act a bit silly after being so serious for so many hours," team member Heidi Jensen said.

It seemed as though the Pirouette's audience last Friday evening fed off of the energy the Pirouettes were giving off. The crowd was cheering and just as enthused as the dancers seemed to be.

Vacation is now over for the dancers. The Pirouettes began focusing on the "High Kick/Precision" dance last Monday. They have one week to perfect the dance before Saturday's competition.

The captains of the team agreed that they now have to focus on the High Kick routine. They know that it will be tough, but they came to the conclusion that the team could handle it. The Pirouettes dance again on Saturday in Albany. This is going to be their second competition of the year.

The Pirouettes hope to see a lot of fans in Albany on Saturday.

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