Danceline tries new routine

This article submitted by Cyndi Bollman on 1/3/01.

The Pirouettes have decided to try something new. Normally when the Pirouettes dance at halftime of a game, the audience sees what is called "High Kick\Precision" dancing.

What the team is trying now is called "Jazz\Funk." The Pirouettes have tried this in the past, but haven't taken it very seriously. The team feels that they have a choreographer, Lindsey Savage, with more experience than what they have had in the past.

The main difference between the two dances is that there is very little to no kicking in "Jazz\Funk." When dancing "Jazz Funk" the team can also let loose a little. The team members can put their own style into the dancing.

When dancing "Jazz\Funk" all moves still have to be sharp and together, but it's more laid back and fun.

"High Kick\Precision" is what local audiences are used to seeing, and that includes the long kick line, the Russians, and the pirouette turns.

The first performance of "Jazz\Funk" before the public will be Friday, Jan. 5, at halftime of the girls' basketball game.

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