Paynesville Press - April 28, 2004

Community Perspective

"After Prom Party"

By Maureen Flanders

Prom is a safe, school-sponsored event that many students attend. This safe event, however, ends at midnight, while the night is still young. When prom is over, kids want to party. There are many different ways of doing this, and I just wanted to thanks the community of Paynesville for providing us with the "After Prom Party."

For those that don't know, the "After Prom Party" is a party at the school after prom is over that has lots of games that high school students enjoy playing, including a large blown-up obstacle course, sumo wrestling, trivia games, limbo, and many more. There is also a plethora of free food and beverages offered throughout the night. In addition, many prizes are given out throughout the night, things like luggage, toasters, and several other things that are useful to high school students now and as we go on to college or other things after high school.

There are also even larger prizes given out at the end of the night like televisions, DVD players, and savings bonds. These prizes encourage students to stay for the whole party. This party lasts from about midnight to six in the morning, providing a fun, safe atmoshphere for all high school juniors and seniors, whether they attend prom or not.

The time put in by the volunteers to organize and work at this party for us just amazes me. Also, the donations of cash and goods for this party by community members and businesses is very impressive. This is a wonderful example of how our community cares about youth. I'd like to tell you that the youth also care about our community. We see the effort you've put forth for us and appreciate it very much.

I, along with my classmates, had a wonderful time at the "After Prom Party." I am extremely happy that we are provided with this secure place to be and have fun. I hope this opprotunity continues to be available to Paynesville students for many years to come.

Maureen Flanders is a senior at Paynesville Area High School. She wrote this with the support of many other PAHS students.

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