Paynesville Press - March 22, 2006

Community Perspective

To junior, music is 'More than a feeling'

By Sam Chevalier

(Editor's Note: March is Music In Our Schools Month, and the Press - with help from the music faculty - will feature perspectives on the importance of music this month.)

"More than a feeling." This is a famous title and lyric from one of Boston's more popular songs. I can relate to this song greatly because to me music is more than just a feeling. It's life.

As a young child, I remember always being surrounded by music. Whether it was a family member playing it in the house or my brothers, sisters, and I singing together in the car. Music was around me at all times.

My mom and dad have had great influences on me when it came to music. When my brothers, sisters, and I were younger, my mom would make songs up off of the top of her head. She would then sing them to us as babies trying to get us to fall asleep.

I got my love of classic rock and the oldies from my dad. Everyday one of us kids, during the summer, would ride with him on his cookie route. He always had the classics and oldies playing and would be rocking out to them all day.

As I've grown up I've learned to love music more and more. I basically listen to any type of music now compared to when I was younger, when I was very picky.

Music has become my life. The music is always running through my head. So when I was having problems with learning things in school I'd put a beat to it. This technique helped me greatly when it came to spelling and math.

I was in seventh grade when music tapped me on the shoulder and took over my life. A lot of personal issues were really starting to bring me down, and I began to find so much comfort in music.

One day I decided that I wanted to join the children's choir at my church, and it was a sort of chain reaction. I then decided that I wanted to take voice lessons and then it progressed to wanting to join the school choir. I found myself becoming calm and happy again because I was able to express myself.

Ever since then my life has revolved around music.

I find music is also very important to have in school. This past year I was involved in our school's musical "Bye Bye Birdie." From this experience, I learned what music was like in the 1950s. I feel that it's very important to learn music from different eras.

 Days can be very stressful, so when I know that I have a music class coming up I feel relieved. For me, and many others, music is the relaxing part of the day.

When I go to band I get to listen to such beautiful music. This in turn helps me to calm down and take one step at a time throughout my day. Choir is when I get to just let everything go. I can sing my heart out, and I know I've let some stress go.

So, as one can see, music is important in both school and life. Without it, our world wouldn't be the same. As I said before, music for me is more than a feelingŠit's life.

Chevalier, a junior at PAHS, plays in the band and sings in the choir.

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