Paynesville Press - March 2, 2005

Community Perspective

Music and Me

By Dr. Ray Lindeman

(Editorıs Note: March is Music In Our Schools Month, and the Press ­ with help from the music faculty ­ will feature perspectives on the importance of music this month.)

Music and I have been close to each other since I was a very young boy. My family loved to sing, though none of them played an instrument.

I first sang as a child in the Christmas programs in church, and when I went to high school I participated in choir and band as soon as I was old enough.

My first trip to Minneapolis (from South Dakota) came when our Parkston High School chorus was invited to a national choir contest. I played in the high school band, starting in the eighth grade, in the percussion section, and my senior year I played the baritone horn. I was the bass drummer in the Stanford University band and played the drum in the army band.

After coming to Paynesville, I have sung in the church choir, mass community choirs, community musicals, and the Centrist (senior citizen) Choir. I enjoyed playing drums in the ³famous² RETREADS jazz band for most of the years of its existence.

Why am I so enthusiastic about music? I have found it is a way of expressing and enjoying oneself at any age under almost any circumstances. There are no age barriers, talent limitations, financial constraints, or laws that prevent a person from enjoying, and probably participating, in some form of music. If you canıt play or sing, you can always just listen.

Music has the ability to stimulate any number of emotions or feelings, and I love it since I have had that experience. Music can take you back to your childhood and your youth by listening to or singing music you once heard and loved long ago.

Paynesville is fortunate to have, and have had in past years, musical leaders in the community, churches, and schools who have laid the groundwork and presentation of GOOD MUSIC. Paynesville has responded by encouraging and supporting many forms of music.

I think of no other talent or entertainment that can truly last a lifetime as does music. For my 80 years of life, it has always ranked at the top of my ³list of enjoyable things to do.² And, donıt forget to say ³Thank You² to those who may direct or encourage you in your appreciation of music.

As a parent I can only encourage other parents to encourage their children to pursue and persist in some form of music. At times it is a struggle because music competes with other enjoyable forms of involvement.

Nothing will last a lifetime as the talent of participating in any form of music. Try it, youıll like it, and it grows on you.

Lindeman practiced medicine in Paynesville for 45 years.

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