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In 1946, many resorts dotted the shores of Koronis

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Resort directory The Paynesville Minnesota Business and Resort Directory of 1946 listed 21 resorts or businesses related to Lake Koronis. The brochure boasted "We feel sure you will make a worthwhile discovery if you will come to Lake Koronis which now ranks second place for its beauty in the state of Minnesota. Dense woods surround the lake and three wooded islands accent its beauty." The following information about the resorts, most no longer existing, is from the listing. All of the references to Highway 55 are to the old highway, now County Road 124, which is located closer to the lake. In future columns, more specific information will be presented related to some of Koronis' resorts.

The McKinley Brothers were dealers of all live bait. They were located on Highway 55, on the east end of Lake Koronis.

W. A. Ellsworth advertised modern cottages and moderate prices. These were located on the north shore of Lake Koronis on Highway 55.

Chester Bliven advertised his "Bliven Cottages" located on the north shore of the lake, just two miles from Paynesville. The cottages were completely furnished with electric lights, pyrofax gas, inner-spring mattresses, and a good boat. Their rates were $22 per week with linens and ice extra.

Mrs. Esther Becker owned and operated the Becker's Lodge, which was located on Highway 55, two miles from Paynesville. The resort consisted of three housekeeping cottages, completely furnished, innerspring mattresses, electric lights and gas for cooking, private bathing beach, and boats.

Ray Stephan operated the Rose Lawn Overnight Cabins. Seven clean, cool, sleeping cabins were located on Highway 55 near Lake Koronis.

C. K. VanVorst operated the Van's Beach Lodge, which was located on the north shore of Lake Koronis. Ten cottages and a main lodge were available. They advertised "good beds, good food, heat, running water, electricity, and icing facilities." Rooms were also available in the lodge. In addition Van's offered fountain service, a cafe, playground, and boats. A drawing point was the sandy bathing beach. Rates were $21 to $30 per week and included a boat, gas, ice, fuel, and electricity.

Henderson Cottages were also located two miles from Paynesville on Highway 55. H. E. Herrick was the proprietor and he provided four first class housekeeping cottages and some single rooms. Boats, electric lights, telephone, and gas were included in the stay.

Richard Nelson operated Grand View. He had five cottages, six boats, electric lights and running water, and was located two miles from Paynesville.

Boulder Reef was located on the west shore of Lake Koronis. Six housekeeping cottages, pyrofax, electricity, running water, and boats were available.

Mr. And Mrs. Marvin Holifer ran Marvin's Modern Cottages. Five housekeeping cottages which were equipped with an electric stove, electric ice boxes, running spring water, indoor toilet, inner-spring mattresses, and oil heated for spring and fall outings. Located three miles from Paynesville, they had daily grocery delivery and a telephone.

Bugbee Hive was run by Mrs. Mary H. Bugbee and was also located three miles from Paynesville. She had six cottages, which were equipped for light housekeeping, electricity, gas for cooking, wood for heating, and a boat with each cottage. Daily mail, groceries, and ice were delivered. "Tennis court, flowing well, fine bathing beach, quiet restful resort."

C. C. Tolman owned the Tolman Cottages located one-half mile west and two miles south of the golf course at Paynesville, on Lake Koronis. The cottages were completely furnished, gas, electricity, wet sink. Tolman's offered horseshoe and shuffleboard. "On good fishing grounds. Boats and bait. $15 per week and up."

Darby's Spring Park Inn was located on the south end of Lake Koronis. They offered two cottages, seven boats, electric lights, gasoline, groceries, confections, short orders, and live bait.

L. K. Petersons advertised three cottages, four boats, electric lights and telephone. They were located on the south side of Lake Koronis.

Hendrickson's Point offered one cottage which would accommodate five people, five boats, electric lights, and bait.

Unger's Resort, Norling's Place, W. S. Johnson Cottages, Hillcrest Resort, and Cozy-Nook Cottages were other resorts on Koronis that did not advertise in the 1946 brochure.

The resorts and businesses of 1946 boasted of conveniences that we now consider essentials such as: electric lights, telephone, and indoor plumbing. Also, where the lake today is used for a variety of water sports, in the 40s fishing was the main draw for tourists to the area. Through the years, resorts have attracted thousands of tourists to share our view from the lake.

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